Book Review: “The Big Secret for the Small Investor” by Joel Greenblatt

The Big Secret for the Small Investor

Click the image to visit Amazon.comPersonality. Sarcasm. Normally I don’t use entertaining words to describe personal finance books, but this one embodies those qualities. In this very brief read by Joel Greenblatt (an investment company owner and professor at the Columbia Business School), Greenblatt colorfully lays out his arguments and foundation for his two part (A and B) investment plan which he refers to as his “Big Secret”. … [Read more...]

How Much Do I Need to Save for Retirement? – The Simple Approach

Gold Watch for Retirement

It’s a question that eventually confronts us all – how much do I (or should I) save for retirement? It’s a little bit like asking the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?” The answers are wide and vast, and each one depends on countless what-if variables. Never fear! This post isn’t intended to confuse you, it’s meant to help you! So before you can run, let’s learn to walk by taking a very simple approach. Avast ye naysayers – we’ll follow up this post with more technical detail in our later Intermediate and Advanced Approach posts. For now, let’s get started: … [Read more...]

Book Review: “Your Money Ratios: 8 Simple Tools for Financial Security at Every Stage in Life” by Charles Farrell

Your Money Ratios

Click the image to visit Amazon.comMost financial books tell you come up with a retirement goal and to save towards it. Period. But have you ever wondered if you were on the right track? At 30, how much should I have saved for retirement? What about 40, 50, etc? What about debt, savings, etc.? Where do I stack up against my peers? … [Read more...]


Thank you for visiting my new blog.  For now, it is currently under construction.  Soon, I hope to have lots of great information to share! … [Read more...]