Will You Have to Work Until Age 80?

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How long do you plan to work? In a very depressing recent article on CNN Money entitled “Delaying Retirement: 80 is the New 65”, it was reported that at least a quarter (1 in 4) of middle class Americans are failing to prepare for their retirements and will likely work until the age of 80. Keep in mind that the average life expectancy of a person is only 78. Here are some more sad facts that were quoted: • The respondents (ages 20 to 80) had a median savings of $25,000. However, their median retirement savings goal was $350,000. • 30% of people in their 60’s had saved less than $25,000 … [Read more...]

Book Review: “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income” by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett

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ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income”. The book is a collection of tips and advice on the art and business of building a blog. It not only provides several introductory step-by-step processes for getting started and keeping your blog running, but it also provokes many questions about what type of subject you’d like to write about, how to keep things interesting, etc. … [Read more...]

Download My Free Christmas Present Planner!

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I’d like to be the first one to give you a gift this Christmas season: My free, downloadable Christmas Present Planner. If you really want to save money this season, the first thing you need to do is get organized so you don’t over-spend. This handy Microsoft Excel file will allow you to keep track of both your initial budget and the amount you actually spent on each individual. Overall, it will help you keep your spending on track and make sure that everyone on your list is well taken care of. … [Read more...]

Book Review: “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie

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“How to Win Friends and Influence People” is a book about exactly what the title suggests: Using psychological techniques and strategies to effectively connect with other people. The advice is not only intended to help you get along with people, but also how to persuade them in a non-confrontational way. Although this book was written in 1936, it is still just as effective as ever. The book was written by the now famous Dale Carnegie. Born into poverty, Carnegie became a well known author and public speaker on the subject of self-improvement. Today the Carnegie name is used to promote … [Read more...]

Buying Christmas Presents For Free Using My Rewards Programs

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When I was younger, my bank had this thing called a “Christmas Club” program. The way it worked was I’d sign up for a set amount of money I wanted to save for Christmas ($100 - yeah, I know big spender - I was about 10 years old) and then I’d receive a small book with 50 payment slips ($2 each). Each week throughout the year, I’d pay off each of those slips. As part of the program, the bank would pay the last one. Although this wasn't a groundbreaking investment (about a 2% return), it did teach me a little something about saving and preparing for Christmas: • Christmas is a lot easier when … [Read more...]

More Bad News for Netflix

Did you receive a weird email from “OnlineDVDclass”? If you did, it’s not some stranger trying to sell you unnecessary courses over the Internet. No, you’ve officially been invited to take part in a class-action lawsuit involving Netflix and Wal-Mart. This past fall, I ditched Netflix when they decided to double the cost of their subscription service (click here to read my post). Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. Thousands of other subscribers have left as well, and the stock is down 63% over the last 3 months. … [Read more...]

What Will Be Our Next Economic Bubble?


When it comes investing, very few of us think about “defense” as much as we think about the “offense”. It’s easy to want to put money into something when the value of it goes up and up, but we never think about how it could come back down (and fast!). Sound familiar? Anyone with a mortgage knows this scenario all too well. So as the major indexes begin to perk up, it’s natural to wonder: • What will the next big economic bubble will be? More importantly, how can I avoid the next big bubble and not become a victim? There are a lot of interesting theories and opinions out there. The … [Read more...]