A Better Way to See If You’ll Run Out of Money During Retirement

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In the last post “Is 2 Percent the New Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rate?”, we explored how some experts have knocked the conventional 4% retirement withdrawal rate in favor of figures as high as 7% and low as 2%. In conclusion, I demonstrated using a simple linear example how I thought a 3% withdrawal rate with an assumption of 6% growth was my personal preference. My reasoning was because it offered a high probability for steady returns and seemed to maintain portfolio integrity even after adjustment for inflation. So what’s the problem? • Rule of thumb calculations are okay for … [Read more...]

Is 2 Percent the New Retirement Safe Withdrawal Rate?

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When planning for retirement, it’s not just about how much you money you save up. One of the most important variables to consider is what's called the safe retirement withdrawal rate - how much money you’ll withdraw each year to live off of. To take too much may drain your nest egg and leave you with nothing. To take too little may curb your lifestyle more than you’re use to. For years, financial advisers have long proclaimed a safe withdrawal rate of 4 percent from your retirement accounts as the rule of thumb.  That means you would have a relatively high chance of success if you start off … [Read more...]

Weekend Wind Down 2/25/2012

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I am very glad to be home from western NY. This week MMD was on the road away on business for the latter part of the week. My apologies for not being able to post like I regularly do on Friday. Mrs MMD and I have a lot to do this weekend. Our son turns 7 soon and we still need to buy his birthday presents. We’ve also got our hardwood floor project that we started last weekend to get done now that the last of the boxes we ordered have arrived. Thank you to anyone that selflessly posts “how-to” projects on You Tube. You have no idea how much help you have been! … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Change Up My Retirement Portfolio?

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If you believe at all in the January Barometer (financial-folk-lore that if markets do well in January, the year will be good), then we’re in for a great year! The S&P 500 is up approximately 8% this year and most of the economic reports seem to be more upbeat than they have been in recent years. So what is there to worry about? Well, in the words of Warren Buffett: • “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful”. Looking for Safety: When my 401k dropped nearly 50% during the Great Recession, I decided it was time to stop playing offense and beef up my … [Read more...]

What is Shorting a Stock?


The first time I watched the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street 2, I was confused about something: Josh Brolin’s company, Churchill Schwartz, makes a ton of money when the company that Shia LaBeouf works for, Kellar Zabel (KZI), starts to dramatically fall in stock price. Contrary to conventional investing, how is it that someone gets “rich” from stock prices going down? How Shorting a Stock Works:  Although there were a lot of factors at play in the movie, the basic answer to this question is that Schwartz was “shorting” the Kellar Zabel stock. What does that mean? Let’s look at a simple … [Read more...]

Weekend Wind Down 2/18/2012

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This has been one of those weeks where it feels like extra days got mixed in there somehow. Mrs. MMD and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early on Saturday night by going out to a local comedy club. If anyone is ever stumped on what to give someone as a gift, I highly recommend taking them to a comedy club. As long as you get a good comedian (which most of them are), it’s non-stop laughing for an hour and a half. On the real Valentine’s Day, we celebrated with our kids by having “Love Day” meal (which is a phrase they came up with). It consists of having spaghetti and meat sauce (I … [Read more...]

Are We Fools for Saving Our Money?

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What would be the point of a blog if we didn’t explore an idea that may be slightly controversial? Anyone who reads this blog knows that my quest for financial freedom heavily relies upon disciplined saving and planning for retirement. Like many people, I am using my employer-sponsored retirement plans, IRA’s, and personal savings to build up a fortune that I can one day live off of. All of that is fine and good in theory, but what if everything I just said was ALL WRONG! What if all the money I’m saving will one day be worthless? It sounds crazy, that’s exactly what one famous author is … [Read more...]

What is Keeping Me from a Perfect Credit Score?

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Does anyone know ANYONE with a perfect credit score? Is that even possible? Well of course it is, but what are the right moves you have to make to get there? Recently during our refinance, I got to find out the credit score for my wife and I. But that wasn’t all. In addition, I was also given a full report that includes a breakdown of every reason why I lost points. I decided it would be worthwhile to examine these reasons and see where I blew it. So for your amusement, I have posted the exerts below and we’ll review each of the reasons they listed. … [Read more...]