Weekend Wind Down 9/29/2012 – Angry with SB1040!

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MMD is very mad right now. There are two things you don’t mess with when it comes to MMD: 1) My family, 2) My money. Right now, the state of Michigan is messing with both! According to a new law that was passed in our state called Senate Bill 1040 or SB1040, all public school employees are going to have their pension plans altered (aka reduced). The best part is that they let you decide how – by choosing from one of four somewhat convoluted choices. Isn’t that nice – would you like to cut off your thumb, ear, or toe? … [Read more...]

Book Review: The Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read by Daniel R. Solin

Sometimes when it comes to financial advice, you don’t want a lot of fluff. You just want someone to tell you like it is – straight and to the point. Not a whole bunch of “maybe this, maybe that”. That aspect is what I loved about the Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read by Daniel R. Solin - definitive and conscience advice! So far I’ve already written two separate posts highlighting pieces of advice in this book. But there’s actually a lot more to it. Solin has JAMMED PACKED this book full of useful knowledge. The information it contains could be appreciated by both newbies as well as … [Read more...]

My Cash Flow Plan – September 2012 Update

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The end of Summer and back to school time are a period of change for our household finances. This is generally when my wife and I get our raises, her contract gets negotiated, and a lot of other expenses or credits get mixed into our budget. So for us, this is a great time to take another look at our cash flow plan and see if any revisions are necessary.   … [Read more...]

Weekend Wind Down 9/22/2012 – Terrible Scary Movies

I absolutely love scary movies! Especially around Halloween time. And I wish I had some good recommendations of recent movies for you to rent, but I don’t. Redbox has really been letting me down lately. Here’s a few terrible scary movies for you to avoid: • I remembered Silent House from the previews when it first came out, and I was looking forward to this one. At first when the movie started, it had a lot of potential. But then it just got kind of weird, a little boring, and worst of all – not very scary. • Next I tried to sort the Redbox movies by reviews and go with the highest rated … [Read more...]

My Dividend Payment Income Report – September 2012

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As many of you know, 2012 is the first year that I have really overhauled my stock investment strategy and changed my focus to simply collecting high-quality dividend paying stocks. Just like any dividend investor can tell you, dividend payment income is a pretty remarkable source of “truly” passive income. I prefix passive income with “truly” because the income they generate literally requires no effort on my part.  I simply collect the payments each quarter! As of this month, I am happy to report the second installment of my quarterly dividend payments received.  Please see the image on … [Read more...]

To Be Young Entrepreneurs or Employees? My Kids Try Entrepreneurism

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No, that’s not my retirement savings in the photo on the left. You’re looking at the proud earnings of my children after a day’s worth of being young entrepreneurs. That’s right – my kids got the bright idea that they would accelerate their earnings by trying to make their own money. It doesn’t matter if you’re if you’re a child or an adult. There will be times you want to say goodbye to your job because it seems like it would so much easier to make money on your own. But like my kids found out, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Nonetheless, I was really happy that they … [Read more...]

Weekend Wind Down 9/15/2012 – MMD vs Phone Service

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It was only a month ago that Mrs MMD finally decided after all this time to get a smart phone with a data plan and the whole nine yards. So we signed up for a new plan from Sprint and things were going good. Then out of nowhere this week, she’s no longer able to make or receive calls anymore. So twice I had to call, do the whole pull the battery out and put it back in, and waste a few hours talking with tech support. The end result: The phone still doesn’t work! As if one phone problem wasn’t enough, then our Vonage router started giving us problems. So I devoted yet another hour on the … [Read more...]

Social Security Spousal Benefits – Hook Me Up Elderly Sugar Momma!

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In my last super entertaining post about Social Security benefits, I ended with a mention about how being married may not only entitle you to Social Security spousal benefits, but there’s a strategy that you could use to really maximize your benefits to full potential! Here I will present the rules on using Social Security spousal benefits and walk through an example of how this will apply to my wife and I.  Hopefully you'll be able to go through the same exercise for you and your spouse!   … [Read more...]