SCARY Retirement Statistics – Don’t Let Lack of Planning Haunt You!

Scary Retirement Statistics

Happy Halloween everyone! Since most people will be out celebrating Trick or Treating tonight, I thought we’d do a very brief post of something truly alarming! No, it’s not about ghosts, monsters, or anything else from the paranormal.  This is something much more frightening - These are scary retirement statistics! The reason these should terrify you is because, unlike a superstitious  ghost story, these statistics tell a very real story.  And if they are any indication of things to come, reality is going to be pretty grim for a lot of people.  Read these numbers and tell me they … [Read more...]

Weekend Wind Down 10/27/2012 – Welcome to the MMD Haunted House!

Haunted House Layout

I can’t wait until Halloween! Last year I raised the bar pretty high. I got the bright idea to go from simply passing out candy to turning my garage into a miniature haunted house. Pretty cool, right? That’s the blueprint on the left. Basically I hang up large black vinyl drop cloths to create a short dark maze, add a lot of flashing lights (purple circles) and smoke from a fog machine, play some scary music in the background, and then add in as many props as I can. Oh yeah, and my Dad occasionally jumps out at you from around the corner (skulls). The haunted house was a big hit last year … [Read more...]

Resume Screening Tips and Confessions from Someone Who Interviews

Resume Screening Tips

For about 99% of us, nothing will be more crucial to our finances and money design than landing a great job. And for most working professionals, that will all start with getting picked for the interview. As someone who has done a great deal of interviews in his day, there are a great deal of resume screening tips and other things I can confess to you about the whole process. Do you agonize over creating the perfect resume? If you do, that’s great that you’re taking the job prospect so seriously. But you might be disappointed to learn that going above and beyond with your resume doesn’t … [Read more...]

Weekend Wind Down 10/20/2012 – Back Home

Canada eCard

There is nothing like being back home after a long business trip. This week I was traveling the east side of the country through NY State and then back through Canada. Everything was going smoothly until I hit the 401 highway to come home and got stuck in a wallop of traffic. I could not believe how business the road was on a Friday. Even the service station I stopped at for a quick bite was busier than a mall on Christmas Eve. Who knew that’s where everyone hangs out?   … [Read more...]

My Favorite Scary Movies – Have Some Cheap Halloween Fun!

Favorite Scary Movies

One of the best (and cheapest) things I like to do around Halloween time is to rent a whole bunch of my favorite scary movies. I just love them! I’m always on the lookout for new ones that are well written, brilliantly performed, and … well … scary! While I can admit that a lot of the mainstream horror movies out there fall short of this mark, there have been a few that were exceptionally good. IMDB ranks some of the most well known titles like Poltergeist, The Shining, The Exorcist, and lots of other classic titles as the best scary movies of all time. But what about some of the more … [Read more...]

My Money Design – October 2012 Update

My Money Design, blueprint, plan

The website isn’t called My Money Design for nothing! It’s been almost 10 months since my last Money Design update and a lot has changed. Not only have I learned a ton of new tricks from my fellow personal finance bloggers on making and investing money, I have also taken a number of important steps at home and at work that I believe will further benefit my family's efforts to reach financial freedom. So with that in mind and in anticipation of my usual Money Design update, I have decided to get to work early with the revisions to my plan.   … [Read more...]

Weekend Wind Down 10/13/2012 – Going to the Lego Kids Fest

Lego Kids Fest

We’re going to make the dreams of our two kids come true this weekend by taking them to the promise-land: We’re going to the Lego Kids Fest! If you don’t know what that is, think of something like an “auto show” but everything is made out of Legos. There’s going to be classes from Master Lego builders, a museum, challenges, a huge brick pile, races, etc. My kids might explode when they get there. It’s going to be awesome.   … [Read more...]