Cutting Back on Our 403b Plan for More High Paying Dividend Stocks

403b plan, dividend paying stocks

This may be financial planning treason, but I’m going to suggest it anyways. We’re considering cutting back on the contributions to our 403b plan in favor of using the money to buy more high paying dividend stocks. Why would this move be controversial? Because it would mean contributing less money to a tax sheltered account and diverting it to one where we would pay taxes. Why in the world would I want to do that?   … [Read more...]

Struggling to Buy Presents? Try These Christmas Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas Gift Ideas for Her, Christmas Gift Ideas, Gift Ideas for Her

Guys, let’s face it. We’re kind of bone-heads when it comes to picking out good presents for the special women in our lives. They do so much for us, and we want really badly to show them how much we appreciate it. And so with the clock ticking on the number of days until the big morning, here’s my list of suggestions of Christmas gift ideas for her. Hopefully something on this list sparks an “ah-ha” moment in your head as something you think she will like. Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving and William Shatner Deep Fried Turkey

William Shatner Deep Fried Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying some time off, taking it easy, and loving big helpings of home cooked meals. Within our family, we host Thanksgiving at our house. So Thursday was a pretty big occasion for us. Mrs MMD out-did herself again and cooked an outstandingly delicious assortment of food. While visiting, we also managed to find a pretty hilarious Thanksgiving song. Someone auto-tuned a remix of the William Shatner Deep Fried Turkey public service announcement from last year (which by itself is also kind of ridiculous in its own way). Enjoy: … [Read more...]

New IRS Contribution Limits for Retirement Accounts in 2013

IRS contribution limits

If you are somehow managing to diligently contribute the maximum amount to your 401k and IRA accounts, then there's good news for you in 2013.  The IRS contribution limits for the major U.S. retirement accounts will be increased next year! This is exciting news for anyone looking to invest more of their money without the burden of paying taxes on their returns.  The Money Design November Update plan I proposed recently will get a big boost from these new increases that will help me to achieve my goals much more quickly and safely. … [Read more...]

My Nine-Year-Old Daughter Received a Credit Card Offer

credit card offer

I thought I would have a few more years until I had to deal with this, but the other day I was shocked to see that my nine-year-old daughter received a credit card offer in the mail for a student account. I have no idea where they got her information because everything that she is signed up for is in either me or my wife’s name and email address. Naturally the Papa Bear instincts kicked in and I called the credit card company. Thankfully when I told them her age they quickly realized they had made a mistake, apologized, and took her name off their list for any future offers. The service rep … [Read more...]

How Much Do People Really Do Airport Shopping?

airport shopping

This week I was pretty bad at blogging again; but with good reason. I spent the first part of the week on a business trip in Texas. The weather down there was nice and I had a lot of fun working with my colleagues. But unfortunately when you travel your hours and WiFi availability tend to get pretty spotty, so I didn’t spend as much time online as I normally do. But I was able to make use of my flight time by doodling some much needed future post ideas in a notebook. So with my travels, that brings me to my question: How much airport shopping do people really do?   … [Read more...]

Black Friday Shopping Tips – Preparing to Get the Best Deals!

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Can you believe it’s already almost that time of year again? The Christmas Season and all its madness have quickly creept up upon us.  And with the Christmas season naturally comes that special occasion of Black Friday where just about everything is on sale.  It can be a little bit extreme in some circumstances, but fear not.  Here's a few of my Black Friday shopping tips for getting the most out of the occasion!   … [Read more...]

Netflix vs Redbox – I Always Knew We’d Get Back Together, Netflix

Netflix vs Redbox

I always knew I’d come back to you. It’s been over a year now since we broke up, and things haven’t really been the same. I thought I had found someone better, and for a while, she was. Let’s face it – you got greedy! You thought you could have your cake and eat it too. I over-reacted to your arrogance, and with big Redbox ready and willing to take me in her arms, I thought it was time to switch up. Sometimes you’d email me and be all like “hey …, how’s it going?” I wanted to reply, but I knew I shouldn’t. Then you’d see me out with big Red(box) on a Saturday night. She was cheap, I … [Read more...]