4 Passive Income Ideas I Learned From Robert Kiyosaki

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The following post was provided by guest contributor (and very talented musician) Ardiv Jauhari.  If you are interested in being a guest contributor for My Money Design, please feel free to contact me. When it comes to financial freedom, millions of people will tell you millions of different things. But a lot of times, the advice is only worth about as much as you paid to get it. In other words, how come so called "financial experts" have made far more money from peddling their books and tapes than they have in the financial sector or in the real world itself? With Robert Kiyosaki, … [Read more...]

Is the Conventional System to Create Wealth Rigged?

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I’ve got a confession for all of you: I’m getting impatient! It was approximately 10 years ago that I first learned what a 401k was (I had never even heard of one before) and began my first steps towards saving for retirement. Like many of you, I knew the path to create wealth would be lined with hard work, lots of saving, and choosing the right investments. I took the conventional financial advice and began with a modest 10% savings rate. It wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve tried to accelerate my results by bumping my savings rate to extremely high amounts. So is it any wonder … [Read more...]

How I Made $1,200 with One Phone Call


Ask and you shall receive, right? Anyone who has never experimented with this mantra is missing out. It never ceases to amaze me how often I receive things at a discount simply because I asked for it. (Making deals with customers at my job has taught me that pretty much the price on anything is negotiable). Well … this one has got to be up there as a shinning example of why you need to try this. … [Read more...]

What is Financial Freedom – The Easy to Follow Explanation

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The tagline to My Money Design has always been designing financial freedom. For as long as I’ve been into reading financial books and blogs about money, I’ve seen a lot of them try to answer the question of what is financial freedom. However, I feel as though the weight of this term often gets lost or trivialized. In this post, we’re going to layout a definition for financial freedom and explain where we need to focus in order to achieve it.   … [Read more...]

Rethinking My Strategy for What Stocks to Buy This Year

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One thing you will learn in investing is that nothing is ever absolute and that rules are made to be broken. With that said, I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to what stocks to buy this year and my previous declaration to use the Dogs of the Dow strategy. As I get closer to actually making a purchase, I’m starting to reconsider my initial plan and may have an alternative solution that would make more sense. Here’s is where my mind is at:   … [Read more...]

Doing a Better Job Tracking My Passive Income Streams and Retirement Savings

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I’ve got to admit: 2012 was not a bad year as far as my passive income streams go! Before blogging and investing, I was relying on sign-up bonuses, credit card rewards, and small stuff like online surveys to make a little side cash. A lot can change in a year and half … Since taking a leap of faith on blogging and investing, I’ve made a lot more money than I ever thought I would from passive income. Blogging has by far been the front-runner with its endless possibilities of advertising, affiliate sales, writing, etc. After a lot of research, I also laid the first brick of my soon-to-be … [Read more...]

P2P Investing Denied! What Should be My Next Passive Income Ambition?

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And so it was over before it even began … The tires on my P2P investing (peer to peer) efforts quickly went flat last week when I discovered some very important information. To bring everyone up to speed, I had wanted to start off 2013 by adding a new form of passive income to my money design. Last year blogging income and dividend stocks were valuable additions. This year out of the available choices I had listed, P2P investing was the one that stood out. It intrigued me in a number of ways: • Potential higher net rates of return than a stock market index fund • A steady stream of … [Read more...]

Should I Sell My Structured Settlement? Some Reasons Why You May Want To

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Have you ever heard of someone being awarded a large amount of money (from a lawsuit, lottery, etc) and wondered if they receive it all at once? Chances are … they usually don’t. Most of the time, the payment is broken up into smaller payments over a fixed duration of time. So for example, instead of receiving $500,000 all at once from a lawsuit, the plaintiff may receive $2,000 each month for the next 30 years. Putting it all together, this type of payment is called a structured settlement. Investopedia defines a structured settlement as: While we often focus on building … [Read more...]