How to Remove Disputes from Credit Report History and Get a Higher Score

Credit Report Disputes

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your credit score and credit report. I have been been doing my homework in this area, and I am thrilled to report that my credit score has risen dramatically due to some simple efforts I made. Here’s what was holding me back. I’m pretty conscientious when it comes to paying my bills on time. But a year ago my wife and I moved to a new city. Though we canceled our utility accounts only after the final balances had been paid, my credit report showed an unpaid partial month. Because we changed addresses twice in 3 months, I guess written … [Read more...]

4 Online Degrees That Will Earn Your Money Back Fast

Online Degree

Furthering your education is important. When you get a degree, you're able to not only improve yourself, but also everything in your life. However, getting a traditional degree is difficult for some. Whether you're dealing with time constraints, money problems, or other issues, going into a classroom isn't always the best option. Luckily, today there are a number of online degrees you can pursue that will help you recover the cost of time, money, and effort you put into it.   Online MBA Degree As you're considering your future, you need to think about the degrees that will get … [Read more...]

Some Unconventional Thoughts on Investing for Your Retirement

Investing for Your Retirement

When I first started in financial planning, this would be back in the 1980’s, investing for your retirement was simple.  When you were young, the theory went, you dutifully started putting away a little bit of your salary each month.  The amount was as high a percentage of your income as you could manage.  It was supposed to be a sacrifice.  Give up something now to have something later. You invested in the stock market, of course.  Equity returns were the way to go and you had plenty of time to ride out cyclical fluctuations.  Your risk return profile indicated a higher acceptance of … [Read more...]

When Conventional Wisdom About Money Clashes With Conviction


My understanding and beliefs about money began at the same place most do - with one’s parents. My parents' handling of their personal financial life was truly a work of art. Transferring money from one budget envelope to the next to meet a need, hitting all the local auctions and thrift stores, and using the credit card for emergencies were all the norm in our household. One can’t help but carry those same patterns of behavior into early adulthood. Parental modeling of behavior has that much impact. So after college, I tried to follow the conventional wisdom about money by being as … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting by Without Borrowing Money

Walking On The Red Arrow Street

The following contribution is from a reader of My Money Design.  If you’d like to write for us, please feel free to contact me. Borrowing money is usually one of those things that sounds great at first, until the bills start coming in. If you take a look at just how much money you have to repay for the amount you borrowed, you will realise how much money you may have wasted on interest. If you would have planned ahead before borrowing money, you would now have more cash available to purchase other things you want. The problem is that debt often turns into a never-ending cycle of … [Read more...]

Putting Your Hobbies on Hold

father and son golf

The following post is a guest contribution from Jefferson at See Debt Run.  If you would like to write for My Money Design, please feel free to contact me. People often ask us about the sacrifices that my family had to make when we were paying off over $20,000 in credit card debt. I usually respond by telling them about how we cancelled vacations, stopped eating out, and figured out ways to slash our utility bills.  We also found ourselves having to get creative to find ways to spend our free time that didn't involve spending any money. Even many of our traditional hobbies that we used … [Read more...]

What Is the Relationship of College Education and Job Prospects Like Today?

Graduation Hat by t0zz

The following post is a guest contribution.  If you would like to write for My Money Design, please feel free to contact me. Based on the statistics given by various sources, getting a Bachelor’s Degree does not necessarily mean that you can land a high paying job or any job for that matter. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the relationship of college education and job prospects are becoming surprisingly unbound. The unemployment rate for college graduates is now at 7.5%. Instead of decreasing, it went up, because the college graduate unemployment rate back in … [Read more...]