Can the Experts Help Us with Investing in Dividend Stocks?  6 Month Update

Investing in Dividend Stocks

What if there was a really simple way for investing in dividend stocks and knowing which ones were going to do better than others over the next year?  What if all you had to do was just read the expert opinions to know how they were going to do? That’s the fun little experiment I started about 6 months ago when I bought my last round of dividend stocks to add to my money design.  Of course this is NOT how I picked my stocks and I would NEVER advise you do this.  There are plenty of other ways to evaluate the assets of a company.  All the same though, I thought it might be fun to note the “expert opinions” for each of the stocks I bought earlier this year and see how they did every 3 months are so. Who knows – could any of these … [Read more...]

How to Double Your Money the Safe and Smart Way

How to Double Your Money

Blackjack.  Hot-pick stocks.  These are the kinds of silly things people usually think about when it comes to doubling their money fast. Unfortunately when it comes to methods like that, the story usually ends with them not only NOT doubling their money but also losing all of their initial investment too. Ever since I was a little boy I’ve been completely fascinated with the legitimate ways that you take one dollar and turn it into two. The truth is that it’s actually pretty easy to do.  There are lots of ways how to double your money without having to take a whole lot of unnecessary risks.  You just need the patience to give it time and let it happen safely. Here’s how that happens:   The Rule of 72 and Doubling Your … [Read more...]

What Size Mortgage Can I Afford and How Can I Figure That Out?

What Size Mortgage Can I Afford

How big is “too big” when you’re thinking price tag on a new house? That’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind when they first go new-home shopping: What size mortgage can I afford? It’s a prudent thing to ask and sensible when it comes to your finances.  Part of the whole Great Recession in 2009 was an issue with home buyers taking on far too high of a mortgage value than they could afford.  (That and getting themselves into mortgage products that were probably not the most ideal for their situation). So to avoid another house buying implosion, a smart consumer will first take a look at their financial situation in the mirror and see what makes the most sense for their situation.  Here’s a few tips to help you decide how much … [Read more...]

Some Unconventional Thoughts on Investing for Your Retirement

Investing for Your Retirement

When I first started in financial planning, this would be back in the 1980’s, investing for your retirement was simple.  When you were young, the theory went, you dutifully started putting away a little bit of your salary each month.  The amount was as high a percentage of your income as you could manage.  It was supposed to be a sacrifice.  Give up something now to have something later. You invested in the stock market, of course.  Equity returns were the way to go and you had plenty of time to ride out cyclical fluctuations.  Your risk return profile indicated a higher acceptance of risk. You also bought a home.  This was more a place to live than a retirement investment.  Still, it increased your net worth. As you got older you … [Read more...]

Are You Walking a Money Nightmare? Financial Tips for Getting Back on Track

financial tips

Do your money troubles keep you up at night? If Suze Orman were to take a peek into your financial life would she be likely to slap you silly? Are you fully aware you are a mess, and know things need to change, and fast? Well, if you are at that point, congratulations, because you are now way ahead of most people in your situation. The cloud of denial has lifted, and you are ready to take control. Here are just a few financial tips and helpful hints to get on the path to a financial health.   Take Stock of the Situation: Sure, you know you have money problems, but you probably yet to sit down and really assess the situation. Before you can begin to truly fix things, you need to get a clear picture of what you are working … [Read more...]

What To Do When You Retire Early – Here Are My Plans

beach and laptop

Answer me honestly: If you never went to work again, what would you do with the rest of your life? It’s a simple question.  But one where the answer is probably more complex than you realize. You see recently I’ve been giving the matter of what to do when you retire early some serious thought. I don’t there’s anyone out there who hasn’t fantasized about the day when they finally have enough money to call it “quits” at work and do whatever it is they want from that point forward. Designing your financial freedom.  It’s what this blog is all about. But recently I’ve been asking myself what happens AFTER you get there?  What is it that is truly so wonderful and waiting for me on the other side of the early retirement gates?  Can … [Read more...]

How to Do a Complete Self Audit of Your Financial Situation

Businessman With Magnetic Money Cash

We get our cars serviced, go to the doctor for health checks and take our pets to the vet. But what about our finances? How healthy do you feel when it comes to your handling of money? Is it thriving, doing ok or on life support? The only way to find out is to do a self audit of your financial situation for a proper diagnosis.   Income: If you were to see a Financial Planner, the first thing they would do is an audit of your financial situation. The starting point is to look at your total income from different sources. This isn’t just salary or wages, but can include returns from investments such as stocks, shares or managed funds. It also includes welfare payments from the government or family trust funds and inheritances. Be … [Read more...]

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early or Look for a Better Return?

should I pay off my mortgage early

I think at some point everyone has thought to themselves should I pay off my mortgage early or do something else with my money? We’re told all the time by the media that sending in a few extra bucks every month with our mortgage payment will help erase thousands of dollars in interest payments – and that’s a good thing! But at what cost? What if you could be doing something else with those “few extra bucks”? Perhaps that something else you could be doing may even lead to a better rate of return …   Asking the Question of Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early: Where this is all coming from is when my wife and I recently got the itch to check into the possibility of moving into a new house. Moving can be exciting! Basically our … [Read more...]