A Better Alternative to Working Too Much

employee working too much

Ambition can be a good thing. That is … until it drives you INSANE because all you do is work – all of the time! All too often we make the mistake in our careers by having the notion that taking on more and more projects will convert proportionally to more income. But then we’re disappointed when all that happens is we end up working way too much and the whole thing just blows up in our face. Believe it or not, there’s a theory in economics that can help explain why this is an effort in vain.  But as you’ll find out, where one door closes, another one can open. Let’s take a dive … [Read more...]

Do Grades Really Matter?  What Really Counts When It Comes to Your Career

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I was an A-student back in school.  I worked very hard to get them.  I knew that they were my ticket to something bigger and greater.  At least that’s what I used to believe – until I realized that the only things bigger and greater were the ones I found on my own. Don’t think that that’s true?  Then how is it that you and your colleagues can all be so diverse in your backgrounds and academics, yet you all do the same job.  You probably all get paid roughly about the same too.  In some instances the people who did worse in school are the boss or actually make more than you do. If that’s … [Read more...]

I Want to Be Your Personal Money Coach – A Free Giveaway

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For years now I’ve had this idealistic vision in my head that someday when I reach financial freedom and retire early that I’m going to become a money coach.  There’s just one problem … I’ve never actually been a money coach – to anyone ever. That creates a little bit of a situation for me.  How can I really know if that’s what I want to do with the rest of my life if I’ve never actually gave it a try?  What if I test it out and find that its not for me?  What if I’m no good at it? Or more realistically - what if I find out all this (what I think is) great advice I have to offer is … [Read more...]

4 Online Degrees That Will Earn Your Money Back Fast

Online Degree

Furthering your education is important. When you get a degree, you're able to not only improve yourself, but also everything in your life. However, getting a traditional degree is difficult for some. Whether you're dealing with time constraints, money problems, or other issues, going into a classroom isn't always the best option. Luckily, today there are a number of online degrees you can pursue that will help you recover the cost of time, money, and effort you put into it.   Online MBA Degree As you're considering your future, you need to think about the degrees that will get … [Read more...]

5 Things That You Need to Know About Leasing Commercial Real Estate

commerical real estate

Owning a business with any number of employees or inventory is going to require having a large enough building to accommodate it. Leasing commercial real estate is one of the least expensive ways to get set up quickly.  It is less expensive (short-term) than buying and gives you the option to move out quickly if things progress over the next few months or years. With things in the U.S. economy forecast for a positive turn, this can translate into both good and bad opportunities for those with a need for rented space.  For example you may be able to find buildings that haven’t been rented … [Read more...]

Make Sure You Know What You’re Getting Into Before Starting a New Career

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Sometimes it happens.  We think we know what we want to be when we grow up, and we make every honest effort to get there and fit that role. But then reality sets in.  The job isn’t quite as glamorous as we thought it would be.  The hours aren’t great.  The pay or advancement opportunities aren’t really there.  And all around everyone seems pretty miserable or complacent. Is this how you really want to spend the next 30 years of your life?  Surviving? Fortunately starting a new career isn’t really as tough as some people think it is.  In my career I’ve seen engineers leave to become … [Read more...]

How Being Successful Might Include Leaning Out From Work

A Pile Of Zen Stones by Grant Cochrane

What do you consider to be someone who’s “made it”?  Does that phrase bring up images of young fit people in business suits smiling as they rush to the next meeting holding their cell phone to their ear and a Starbucks treat in the other hand? While this is often a popular stereotype seen on TV and the media, for those of us that actually make it there it can come with a lot of sacrifices that we might not even be sure (or even aware) that we’re willing to make. So ask yourself this: Why does being successful have to stem from only your job?  Aren’t there other ways or other things you … [Read more...]

Motivation In the Workplace and My Thoughts on Mind Control

Human Brain by smokedsalmon

If we were men in some great battle, our pain would be physical.  The greatest warrior would be our leader; our general.  He would wield a sword and you would respect his command for two reasons: 1) Because he is great and 2) because you fear him. But these days the wrath of our general is delivered in a conference room rather than on the battlefield.  The sword has been replaced by a Smartphone.  Bows and arrows have been substituted by stern emails and carefully selected recipients in the CC and BCC fields (don’t you love it when someone CC’s your boss for no reason?)   Our armor is who … [Read more...]