How Video Conferencing Technology Can Reduce Costs for Government Bodies

video conferencing technologyTraveling for meetings has always been a budget killer in any field of business.  While most of the time this cost is absorbed by company itself, who pays for those expenses when the employee works for the government?  The tax-payers?

Clearly there is a need to improve upon travel costs whereever possible.  That is where good video conferencing technology can be useful.  As a matter of fact, according to KBZ, a massive upward trend has already been observed in the usage of web conferencing and other digital communications. Since the inception of this technology, it has evolved drastically. This technology has been penetrating into diverse fields and has proved its importance in a very short span of time.

It is amazing how video conferencing has effectively made its way into the government and how effective and fruitful its usage has been for the government agencies on local as well as national level. The inexpensive and easy implementation of video conferencing has encouraged diverse organizations to incorporate this significant facility in their firms and yield benefits through its usage.


Video Conferencing Technology and Government Organizations:

Government organizations have always felt an immense need to familiarize them with the latest and upcoming technology. This makes their task simpler and easier to perform. It helps them keep up their pace with the ever growing technology. The latest cloud based video conferencing is another substantial technology that has efficiently penetrated into the stream of growing technology. Is usage by different firms have made it an immense success in a short span of time in the form of video conferencing services like Blue Jeans Video Conferencing.

Video Conferencing has tremendous advantages to serve Government bodies. It has an intuitive interface that is user-friendly and is easily understood by a new user. It is known to be secure and scalable in nature. Because of the scalability that it offers, you can carry out conferencing between several users. Handling and administrating them is not something for you to worry about anymore. It provides foolproof security to the clients it serves. Sharing of the content and video between the sender and recipients has never been this simple.

Below are the factors that have made various government organizations opt for cloud based video conferencing:


Reduced Travel Expenses:

A significant difference has been witnessed due to the implementation of cloud based video conferencing in government firms. Reduction in travel expenses have resulted in drastic productivity savings for the government organization. Previously, the cost of travel resulted in a huge total amount that could have been put to much better use. Now, a phenomenal savings has been experienced on the part of the government organizations and agencies, which is a leading benefit that cloud based video conferencing has served its clients. A rough estimate of savings on unnecessary travel amounts to around $4.95 billion, which is almost unheard-of in government finance.


Collaboration Made Easy:

One of the leading benefits that can be yielded through cloud based video conferencing services is related to minimizing distances. Geographically distant locations can now very easily communicate and collaborate with one another and share information that is securely transmitted and shared between the desired recipients. This also helps in consolidation of resources which is a significant advantage.


Improvement in Hiring Process:

The process of hiring government officials is a strenuous process that involves a lot of effort. This process is made easy through the specialized cloud based service of video conferencing. Government organizations that have the service of video conferencing can very easily connect with the candidates and interview them online. This makes the evaluation process of a candidate easier for the government agencies, as well as helping to retain the best talent and human resource. It has been proven to a great degree that employee retention has experienced a positive impact through the use of cloud based video conferencing.


Frequent Updates and Informed Decisions:

Another very beneficial advantage that has been experienced by government agencies by implementing video conferencing is of faster communication and efficient and informed decisions. Frequent sharing of content and related work and keeping the other party updated with the latest work and task can help achieve more in a short span of time. Video conferencing has proven far more efficient than the traditional system of calling on the phone to keep the other party updated. It has significantly reduced time and enhanced productivity in the government sector.


Enhanced Productivity:

As the government work force can be distributed on far flung geographical locations, this can hamper the productivity of the whole sector. But with the implementation of video conferencing this apprehension has been significantly reduced. Frequent collaboration and communication with different regional government offices means that productivity has been increased without the need for time wasted waiting for faxes or even emails to arrive. Work distribution has been made easier.



Video conferencing technology has made its way into many diverse official setups, of which the government is only one. With the implementation of video conferencing, tremendous benefits have been realized and this ever-growing technology has revealed spectacular avenues for its users, from the private to the public sectors. Blue Jeans Video Conferencing has a lot to offer in this regard to its clients and this service surely pays for itself in the long run.


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