Tired of Winter, The A to Z of Saving Money, and a Giveaway

A to Z of SavingWho else is tired of the Winter weather?  If you live anywhere near me (east), then you’re probably also over all this snow and cold that just continues to dump on us every day.  We were watching the news and they mentioned that at this time last year it was 70 degrees outside!  Can you believe that?  I don’t need it to be 70, but I would like it be just a little more spring-like.

This weekend we’ll be getting things ready for Easter and taking our daughter out for her birthday.  I also plan to start reading my new book, The A to Z of Saving Money.  This is a new ebook collaboration among several personal finance bloggers, and I’ve been looking forward to reading it for a while.  If you’d like to enter a contest for your chance to win a copy plus $250, then follow the link at the bottom.


Blog News:

Even though we just had a niche site update, I can tell you that things are starting to turn around.  Due to some recent changes, my iravs401kcentral.com site appears to now be “out of the sandbox” and is hovering around on the third page of Google (between spots 20 and 30).  It looks like I’m back in the game!  I’ll continue to push on ahead and do another full niche update in a few weeks.

Now that I’m learning so much about Google and how to rank, I’m going to start applying some of the same secret recipes to My Money Design.  In particular, I’ve got one page ear-marked that I would really like to focus on.  So I will be desperately trying to improve the rank of that page as much as possible and see if I can use it to improve my income opportunities (like we were talking about last week).

Sorry, but I’ll keep the identity of this page hidden so as not to jade the experiment.  But I do plan to do a post about it if I am successful.

Getting an internal page to rank is something I consider to be slightly more tricky since you can’t really use a lot of the same methods.  But it’s a good quality content page and I’d like to see it on page 1 of Google, so here I go!


Other Bloggers Who Want to Read the A to Z of Saving Money:

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Carnivals & Mentions:

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Thanks to everyone for linking to my site and enjoying my posts.  I really appreciate your support and hope you continue to visit!


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  1. says

    Thanks for the mention MMD. And they a year ago last Wed it was 82 around here!
    I’ve been looking more and more into page rank and such and was wondering if you knew of any sites for a beginner? I’ve also been considering using Longtail pro, but not sure if I can afford it quite yet.
    Good luck with the experiment and have a great weekend.
    Justin@TheFrugalPath recently posted..Balancing Life, Money and a Blog: Friday UpdateMy Profile

    • MMD says

      I remember it being that warm. It was really nice, and I got a lot done outside.

      No problem on sending your something on pagerank! I’ll email you later.

    • MMD says

      Thanks CBB! I hope you can gain some more popularity on those pages you’ve updated. I’ll be sure to share my secrets as I figure out what it is that I’m doing.

  2. says

    I just returned from my trip to India. As I landed in Newark, I noticed snow on the ground. You can imagine someone experiencing hot to cold weather in a matter of a day. I am happy to be back. Now, I can read all your post going forward MMD! I didn’t know that you have a niche site, so I need to take a peek at that soon.
    Shilpan recently posted..My Plan B for RetirementMy Profile

    • MMD says

      Nice to hear from you again Shilpan! Actually I can imagine the hot to cold weather experience. A few months back I took a business trip to TX. It was sunny and 60 degrees there. When I got back, my car was covered in ice! All I could think of was that I should have stayed in TX!

      I hope you enjoy my niche site posts. I’ve been working away at the site and pulling out every SEO trick I can find.

  3. says

    Thanks for helping to promote the book :)
    Also I am glad your niche site is starting to turn around, it can be a lot of fin watching it move up the ranks, but equally disappointing when it goes backwards. I try not to look at the stats too often and just look at the end of each month.
    Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted..How to Consolidate DebtMy Profile

    • MMD says

      Lets not think about it falling backward just yet. I’m just going to enjoy the slow and painful rise upward.

      I can feel myself checking my stats WAY too much. I think I need to adopt your once a month policy.

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