So Long Current Bank Account and Your New Fees – I Found a Chase Bonus Coupon!

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So if you’re a bank, how do you reward someone who has had a bank account with you for the past 30 years or so? How about by sticking them with $11 per month account fees! Sounds like a solid business plan, right? Well, that’s exactly what my bank did!


How to Lose a Life Long Customer:

You read it right. The bank that I’ve used since I was a little boy called me up this week to tell me that they were involuntary switching over all their accounts in the new year, and that my new checking account would have a $11 a month fee unless I met certain minimums. Forget that!

I flat out told them that this was disappointing and that I’d definitely be switching checking accounts (giving them the opportunity to concede on the whole fee thing). Unfortunately, the person on the phone was powerless to make a difference. Being shown no love, I knew it was time to find a new banking suitor.


I’ve Got a Chase Bonus Coupon … Or So I Think?

As I’ve done 100 times before, I knew the first place to look! I typed the words chase checking bonus into Google hoping to make another quick $100 or $150 off my upcoming money relocation. From there, I got the following results:

Chase Bonus Coupon

Score! Looks like at least two semi-legitimate looking sites with free coupon codes. I clicked on both of them and then quickly received two separate coupon codes.

The last time I did the old Chase bonus coupon account sign-up, it gave me the option to sign-up online – which I did with no problem (rather than actually go in a physical branch). So again, I went to Chase’s website and started to fill out the application. But this time … I was denied! What gives?


Customer Service Knows All:

Chase Bonus CouponMaybe this was just a temporary problem with Chase’s website? I decided to call customer service and see if they could help me.

Much to my surprise they told me that nether of my coupon codes were valid!! When I told the agent where I had got them from, she told me that you can’t find an authentic Chase bonus coupon online because they only mail out physical ones. She concluded that I must have been the victim of some kind of scrupulous website scam! Oh, no!


The Real Deal:

The it comes to a free $150, I am a blood-hound! And I was not about to give up.

I decided to go to the local branch and see if I’d get a different story. Turns out it was a smart move. I got one.

The friendly agent typed my first bonus coupon code into the system and found that it was perfectly fine. She also diagnosed the real issue.

Because I had recently closed a prior account with Chase, their system was not allowing me to move ahead with the coupon. BUT if my wife were to sign-up as the primary instead of me, then there would be no issue.

Success!! Now that I know I have the green light, I will be trying this out today, saying goodbye to fees, and awaiting a sweet $150!


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  1. says

    Wow, $11 per month?? That’s nuts! We’ve been with US Bank for years and they recently instituted a $5 if you don’t keep your daily balance at a certain level. They have some ridiculously long formula to figure it out which you need a code to crack. Thankfully, we’ve not run into it but it does make me nervous. Truth be told if we did not need to withdraw cash, we’d move everything to our USAA accounts and just do everything online.

    Glad you were able to get the bonus straightened out & thanks for the mention MMD!
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted..Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, College Football is Over EditionMy Profile

    • MMD says

      Unfortunately I think most banks are going to this type of formula. Chase was on my radar not just for the bonus but also because the fee is waived if you have direct deposit. You’re welcome for the link John.

    • MMD says

      I hear you Brian! $20 is too much. I should also be at $0 as long as I have direct deposit. There’s just no reason to have to pay fees.

  2. says

    I love free money. I might have to try that account. Banks are really stupid. I had a Bank of America checking account and credit card that I used for my business. We put $5K-$10K on that card a month for a long time. One time I was cashing in my rewards points for SeaWorld tickets and I accidently hit the wrong offer and signed up for tickets plus a bus transport, which I didn’t need. It was something like and extra 500 points, nothing huge. I called immediately to see if I could change it and they said no, nothing they could do. Even if they couldn’t change it, they could have comped me the points. It was my fault, but you take care of your good customers. I don’t use that card at all now and switched my account. There are too many options not to change if you don’t have good service. Thanks for the mention and enjoy your free cash.
    Kim@Eyesonthedollar recently posted..10 Step Program For Getting Out of DebtMy Profile

    • MMD says

      They really won’t compensate you or do anything about it? That’s pretty bad customer service. They are just points – its not like they are even real! They should have just given them to you rather than upset a good customer. These guys never learn …

    • MMD says

      You’re welcome Grayson. Yeah, its not like there aren’t a thousand other banks out there they won’t charge me fees! Good business model guys …

    • MMD says

      1) High signup bonus
      2) Local branches in my area and near my work – so I can hit the ATM as needed
      3) Fees were waived if I have direct deposit
      4) Previous relationship – They’re alright

    • MMD says

      You’re welcome! Yes, I guess I could have called and talked to someone else. Sometimes that does work. Regardless, my new account is open, so I guess they lose!

  3. says

    Bank representatives should be trained very well to have more loyal customers. I can relate to your story but I was happy when it happened because I didn’t know that there are banks that can offer more what my previous bank can give.

    • MMD says

      The funny thing is that a month later when I finally drained my account and went in to close it, only then did they offer to take away the fees. Too little too late!


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