A Moment of Silence for the Connecticut School Shooting

I was originally planning to post something fun or entertaining this weekend for my usual wrap up. But given the recent events with the Connecticut school shooting, I really didn’t feel very comfortable doing so. Instead, let’s take a moment of silence to extend our hearts out to those who were affected by this hideous tragedy.

As the father of elementary school kids and the husband of a first grade teacher, this whole situation really disturbs me. I cannot imagine how just how absolutely horrific it would feel to send your kids to school and not have them come back home that day. Especially at such a young age! What in the world does a six-year old do to deserve a fate such as this?

And let’s not forget about the adult victims either. Work is supposed to be a place of safety; not one of imminent danger.

I’m not sure where all these young adults are getting this sense of self-entitlement to act out their aggression on others; and in such a violent manner. As this story evolves and we learn more about the details that were involved, I’m sure every professional out there will have a theory about what breed these monsters to carry out an act such as this. Blame video games, blame school, blame a lack of attention, etc. Whatever the case, the worst part is knowing that declarations such as this inspire other madmen to carry out their own heinous intentions.

We talk a lot on this site about making financial goals and planning for the future. Yet its times like this that remind me that fate often has a plan of its own; one that it does not consult with you about ever. Despite all our best intentions and preparedness for a life well deserved, none of us really knows what is going to happen tomorrow to ourselves or our loved ones. So give your family a hug and spend the day with them. Remember to live in the moment every once in a while and enjoy what you have while you have it.


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