Movie Time, Car Story Conclusion, and Favorite Posts

Wine eCardSometimes when you have a hard week at work, the only thing you look forward to is getting home to spend a quiet evening with your spouse.  Not going out or painting the town.  Just curling up together with some wine and watching “This is 40” together … which was incredibly hilarious by the way.


Car Repair Story Conclusion:

If anyone is interested, here is how my car repair situation turned out:

I was supposed to get my car on Friday, but when I called they said they needed extra time, and so it carried on to Monday.  So when Monday came around, I received no call.  Annoyed, I called the dealership.  After another round of excuses, they again said they needed another day.  They were also telling me about all the extra work and hours they had to put into it … translation = This is going to cost you more money!

Tuesday came and I heard nothing.  Angry, I called the manager to complain.  This is not my usual move and often reserved as my last resort, but I had had it.  I wasn’t getting updates, they were adding on more man hours, the rental costs were getting out of hand, and we just wanted this whole thing to be done.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease.  The next day bright and early, the car was done and they “forgave” any additional expenses beyond my initial estimate.  This is yet another situation where sometimes it pays to complain about unsatisfactory service.


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In case you missed them, here are a few great stories you should check out this weekend:


Carnivals & Mentions:

Thanks to everyone for linking to my site and enjoying my posts.  I really appreciate your support and hope you continue to visit!


Posts This Week:

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    • MMD says

      The extra days on the car rental was one of the costs they forgave. I really think the entire car rental should have been free as well, since I came to find out that other dealerships in the area do that as a perk.

    • MMD says

      You’re welcome John. I’m just glad to have it all be over too. But now the power steering sounds kind of funny … :)

  1. Justin says

    Sorry about your car troubles. My mechanic has the same philosophy as yours. If I don’t call it could take forever for me to get my car. However, every time I call my car is magically being looked at (yeah right). And they’ll call back about three hours later telling me what’s wrong.
    Thanks for including my post. I hope you get a chance to enjoy this weather.
    Justin recently posted..Spring Weather is Here Update!My Profile

    • MMD says

      Thanks Justin. I did get out for my kids’ soccer and a nice 3 mile run on Saturday. It was beautiful – as Spring should be!

      Working in customer service, I know how frustrating it can be to get nothing but radio silence when you’re waiting for something. I hate to call people’s bosses, but they had their chance to make it right.

  2. Cat Alford (@BudgetBlonde) says

    Argh, that is so frustrating! We had a similar experience when my car broke down over a holiday. They just took forever and didn’t give us any updates. Eventually we did get it back! Glad they forgave your extra charges!

    • MMD says

      Thanks Cat. It was very frustrating because basically there is nothing you can do about it except wait and complain – two things I don’t really care to do.

    • MMD says

      I really think its a matter of that they probably just didn’t want to deal with me. No one likes to call to deliver bad news because they know it will be uncomfortable. But avoiding it does nothing except make the situation worse. Unfortunately that’s what my service rep found out.


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