School’s Out for Summer Break!

summer breakI think my obsession with early retirement must have started at an early age when I couldn’t wait for Summer break.  I can’t believe that May is already over and it was my children’s last day of school yesterday (and the last day of work for my teacher wife!)  So now my whole house (minus me) will be able to sleep in, relax all day, play in the sun, and repeat each day for the next three months.

I remember how much I used to look forward to those days as a kid.  It really didn’t matter much what you had planned.  You just knew that you weren’t really required to do a whole lot of anything.  But what’s interesting is that within that giant lack of responsibility I took a lot of pride in finding projects to occupy my time.  Especially starting in my teenage years, that meant a lot of playing my guitar and taking on a lot of part-time work.

As an adult, I of course haven’t had the summer off in years.  And boy do I miss it.  From time to time my wife and I will watch those house-hunter type shows where a retired couple will go looking for property on a tropical beach somewhere.  We look on in envy and dream about how our lives will become a permanent summer vacation someday.  Only time will tell if our money design and planning will pay off.


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Like I mentioned last week, I really didn’t have a lot of posts planned this week.  To my regular readers, I apologize.  I actually have two full weeks worth back in the hopper and ready to go.  See – taking a break really is nice!


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    • MMD says

      Is there anything happier than a toddler at the beach for the first time? I love how excited they get when the waves cycle in and out, and they try to catch them.

    • MMD says

      Same here! I kind of ruined my Summers once I started working because I kept taking on more and more hours at my part-time job. And then I took summer college classes. Even after all this time I still miss it …

    • MMD says

      You’re welcome! I think all of us can take a trip back to happier times when the Summer equaled unlimited freedom.

  1. says

    I have a special needs 13 year old and his final day of school is on the 2nd of June . He has been talking about summer for months because he loves sleeping in and eating breakfast for lunch. On the flip side, he really seems to love going to school because they take lots of field trips. I can never figure this one out.

    • MMD says

      It can be a little bit of struggle – my kids love sleeping in and being lazy, but then they quickly realize that they miss their friends.

    • MMD says

      Each summer I just remind myself how I’m one summer closer to joining my wife in infinite summer vacation. The more I save, the closer I am to this goal.

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