Weekend Wind Down 2/18/2012

Carnivals, Alexa, Google PageRankThis has been one of those weeks where it feels like extra days got mixed in there somehow.

Mrs. MMD and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early on Saturday night by going out to a local comedy club. If anyone is ever stumped on what to give someone as a gift, I highly recommend taking them to a comedy club. As long as you get a good comedian (which most of them are), it’s non-stop laughing for an hour and a half. On the real Valentine’s Day, we celebrated with our kids by having “Love Day” meal (which is a phrase they came up with). It consists of having spaghetti and meat sauce (I believe this is a Lady and the Tramp inspired cuisine).

I’m also happy to report that we booked our annual family vacation. This year is Playa del Carmen!

Unfortunately we never got our house appraisal like we were supposed to. Our refinance officer warned us that sometimes when they say it will take a week, they really mean two.


MyMoneyDesign was featured in 2 personal finance carnivals this week:

Carnival of Personal Finance #348, The Grammy Awards Edition

Carnival of Retirement – 6th Edition

Please feel free to visit these sites and read all the great posts.


This week there was quite a bit of house-keeping performed behind the scenes at MMD. I reorganized my categories, changed tags, and added a permalink redirect. All in all, net affect was good:

• Alexa: Down to 504,526 (as of 2/17/12). A modest 100,000 point drop!

• Google PageRank: No change at 1 / 10.

Thank you to all my new and returning visitors who have helped me achieve these ranks. I appreciate your support and hope you enjoy my site!


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Photo Credit: MMD


  1. says

    I love that picture you have of the mug and table. It’s very relaxing.

    Great idea about the comedy club- I should try it sometime and staying home in the Man Cave to watch movies sometimes doesn’t cut it for me lol.

    • MMD says

      Thank you for the compliment of the picture. When I first started the “Weekend Wind Down” segment, I searched all over for a great picture of a coffee cup. When I couldn’t settle on one, I just whipped out the camera phone and took a shot of my own coffee cup stilling on my dining room table. A little bit of editing and it was ready to go!

      LOL about the movies. Every once in a while my wife and I try that, but she always falls asleep when we rent movies!

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