Weekend Wind Down 5/06/2012

What’s this? Am I on a boat?? Nope! That’s just me driving through my neighborhood and what it looked like after a massive rainstorm came out of nowhere! When I initially drove out of my driveway, the water was just a little deep. But the further I went along, it got deeper and deeper! I was getting a little worried and didn’t want to stop. I’m glad I didn’t stall out!

This was kind of a busy week (as you can tell since I’m a day late on my normal schedule). I was on a business trip through OH when I stumbled upon something VERY interesting! More on that to follow in Monday’s post ….  I think you’ll enjoy!

Blog News:

In Blog news, I was finally bestowed a Google PageRank of 2! Although I’m not 100% sure how I obtained this, but I’m pretty sure that it had to do with a lot of commenting and link-backing. At the same time, my SEOmoz MozRANK increased to 2.55. My Alexa ranking has also finally fallen below 100,000. Hopefully I can continue this trend and improve my ranks in the next go-around three months from now.

Carnivals and Mentions:

MyMoneyDesign was featured in the following personal finance carnivals this week:

Thanks again to all my new and returning visitors. I appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy my site!


Posts This Week:

1) What Did You Learn From Working as a Teenager?

2) Tips for Building a Great New Home

3) Adding Your Children’s College Savings to the Budget

Photo Credit: MMD


    • MMD says

      Thanks! I still feel like I have a long ways to go on the PR. How did you do with the PR update?

    • MMD says

      Welcome to the site! Fortunately, no! No basement flooding or anything like that. BUT a lot of people in the area did have those issues. Trash this morning is going to be really busy!

  1. Katie says

    Congrats on the PR2 I finally got one too. It’s kind of exciting. I live in OH, we had torrential rain also. But my driveway wasn’t quite as bad as yours.

    • MMD says

      Nice job on getting some PR! On the rain, I’m in MI, so we probably got hit with the same storm front! BTW – I’ve got a story about my recent trip through Ohio that I’m publishing this morning. You should check it out.

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