My Money Design Turns 4!  Plus Tips on Building a Better Blog

My Money Design Turns 4

Can you believe it?  The day is finally here that this blog turns 4 years old! It wasn’t all that long ago that I was all pumped up after reading ProBlogger and decided to spend a whooping $58 to start this little blog.  All I wanted at the time was to get a few of my ideas about money out there in the world for other people to check out and talk about. Now, almost 450 posts later, here we are! No matter what your traffic numbers or stats are, there’s always something to learn when it comes to building a better blog.  Most blogs fail in their first year, and somehow this one has kept … [Read more...]

Niche Website Income Report 32 – $1,172 for July 2015

Niche Website Income Report

Hello and welcome to the July edition of my niche website update and income report. Every month I like to share with you what’s new with my website-building efforts and where the business is going.   It’s been one of my favorite ways to build passive income because the more I find success the more income I stand to bring in every month.  My hope is that you’ll be able to take some of these tricks and use them for your own good; whether it be for a new blog or any other entrepreneurial effort. July was a busy time for me with the release of my new ebook plus a lot of other big news going … [Read more...]

Learn How to Save MORE, Earn MORE with My New Second eBook

Save More Earn More

Hi Everyone!  I’d like you to know that for a very limited time (July 20-24) you can download my second eBook “Save MORE, Earn MORE” from Amazon COMPLETELY FOR FREE!  Go to this link here to grab your copy. … So what is “Save MORE, Earn MORE” all about? It answers the question: Outside my job, how do I actually go about getting enough money for the things I want in life? Everyone knows financial freedom sounds great!  And we all know we’re supposed to save/invest our money if we want our nest eggs to grow into the life-preservers we want them to become. … but how do we get there?  … [Read more...]

Niche Website Income Report 31 – $1,046 for June 2015

niche site

Hello and welcome to my monthly niche website income report and business update. At the start of every month, I like use this opportunity to share with you, the reader, what’s been going on with my niche site business.  The idea behind these websites is to create multiple streams of passive income that I can use to help advance my efforts to achieve financial freedom as quickly as possible! June marks a special milestone for my niche site business because it signifies that the year is halfway over.  Unfortunately this business has met some pretty big challenges over the past 12 months.  … [Read more...]

Niche Website Income Report 30 – $983 for May 2015 – The HOTH Platinum Package


Hello and welcome to yet another edition of our Niche Website Income Report! Every month I publish these reports to let you, the readers, know what’s going on with this passive income effort as well as help keep myself accountable.  This forces me to really task myself with trying to find new and creative ways to grow my online empire. Ultimately our goal is to build up as many passive income streams as possible from these websites while only investing a minimal amount of time and resources (therefore getting the best return-on-investment we can earn). I can’t believe we’re already at … [Read more...]

My eBook Publishing Update – May 2015

ebook on iPad

I was really hoping that for my first eBook publishing report I would have some kind of wonderful news to share with you. Something great like I had made well over $1,000 in my first month or that my book has been downloaded over 10,000 times. Well … … unfortunately that’s not how it’s gone at all. As you may already know, last month I released my first eBook. Though I’m very proud of what I’ve created, I will say that in all honesty this new venture is proving to be more challenging then I originally thought! But that’s how these things go.  Developing a true passive income … [Read more...]

Niche Website Income Report 29 – $1,121 for April 2015

niche website

Welcome to the April 2015 edition of my niche website update and income report. Every month I like to share with my readers what’s been going on with one of my biggest passive income building activities – being the owner of several niche sites that I created and maintained.  Each of these websites has their own particular monetization strategy that I’m constantly trying to foster and develop.  The goal of course is cultivate them into streams of regular income that I can use to supplement my savings efforts each month. To be honest a lot of my time in April was spent on a different … [Read more...]

Get Ready to SAVE BETTER! With My First eBook


Did you know that if you had started out your career maximizing your 401k every year, there’s a very distinct possibility that you would retire by age 62 with over $7 million dollars? Did you know that by saving your money in an IRA or 401k you’re actually saving as much as $509,774 over 30 years in compounded returns from NOT letting $4,500 slip away to taxes each year? Or, how about that a Roth-style 401k or IRA might NOT be your friend (contrary to popular belief).  In fact, a Roth may end up costing you over $1 million dollars of lost fortune depending on how you plan to … [Read more...]