How to Remove Disputes from Credit Report History and Get a Higher Score

Credit Report Disputes

It is always a good idea to keep an eye on your credit score and credit report. I have been been doing my homework in this area, and I am thrilled to report that my credit score has risen dramatically due to some simple efforts I made. Here’s what was holding me back. I’m pretty conscientious when it comes to paying my bills on time. But a year ago my wife and I moved to a new city. Though we canceled our utility accounts only after the final balances had been paid, my credit report showed an unpaid partial month. Because we changed addresses twice in 3 months, I guess written … [Read more...]

How to Pay Off Debt Fast in 10 Easy Ways

Credit Squeeze by renjith krishnan

The below article was composed by contributor Elaine McPartland.  If you are interested in writing for My Money Design, please feel free to contact me. Debt, in general, can be extremely difficult to get a handle on. Between the misleading terms and harassing creditors, you may feel lost in a sea of uncertainty. Fortunately, there are ten easy ways for how to pay off debt fast that you can tackle and attain financial liberation once and for all.   … [Read more...]

How Does Bankruptcy Work? What You Should Know Before and After Filing


Although it may end some of your financial troubles, filing for bankruptcy is not just something that you do once and the work is over. In fact, unless you want to file repeatedly throughout your life, the real work begins after your debts are discharged. Asking how does bankruptcy work is a question that few people ever really take the time to understand, but they should so they can save their finances.  If you don't have debts like student loans or overdue taxes, you may get your debt balance reset to zero, but if you remain in an impossible financial situation then the relief is only … [Read more...]

How to Clear Credit Card Debt By Clawing Your Way Out

How to Clear Credit Card Debt By Clawing Your Way Out

This post was written by Kevin Donovan from He often writes about how the decisions made by politicians and bankers affect our daily lives and the ability to cope with the economic stress of an ever more debt ridden world. Every day we see large companies take large substantial hits.  This one to wonder: If they can’t survive this bleak economic climate, how can we? … [Read more...]

My Nine-Year-Old Daughter Received a Credit Card Offer

credit card offer

I thought I would have a few more years until I had to deal with this, but the other day I was shocked to see that my nine-year-old daughter received a credit card offer in the mail for a student account. I have no idea where they got her information because everything that she is signed up for is in either me or my wife’s name and email address. Naturally the Papa Bear instincts kicked in and I called the credit card company. Thankfully when I told them her age they quickly realized they had made a mistake, apologized, and took her name off their list for any future offers. The service rep … [Read more...]

What is Keeping Me from a Perfect Credit Score?

Credit score, credit report, credit history, Experian, Equifax, Transunion, debt-to-credit utilization ratio

Does anyone know ANYONE with a perfect credit score? Is that even possible? Well of course it is, but what are the right moves you have to make to get there? Recently during our refinance, I got to find out the credit score for my wife and I. But that wasn’t all. In addition, I was also given a full report that includes a breakdown of every reason why I lost points. I decided it would be worthwhile to examine these reasons and see where I blew it. So for your amusement, I have posted the exerts below and we’ll review each of the reasons they listed. … [Read more...]

Props to Chase Freedom’s Fraud Protection Service

I was almost the victim of identify theft. On the evening of Dec 23, I received a call from the Chase Freedom Visa Card Fraud Protection alerting me that someone had tried to buy almost $500 worth of goods from a Macy’s in California. Because I live in Michigan, the purchase was quickly red-flagged and denied. Fortunately, I was spared. The phone call with Chase was quick and painless. They asked me which transactions I’d like to dispute, closed my old account, and told me I’d have a new card with a new number within a matter of days. … [Read more...]