Stats About What Factors Determine Your Credit Score

What Factors Determine Your Credit Score

If you’ve ever been curious about what factors determine your credit score, then you’re not alone.  Lots of people have different opinions and misconceptions about how that mysterious number they assign to you gets calculated.

We all know that in general your credit score has a lot to do with:

  • Not running up huge piles of debt
  • Defaulting on your payments
  • Your income level
  • Your payment history
  • Etc

But did you know that there could be a lot of other factors that go into it as well?


An Infographic About What Factors Determine Your Credit Score:

There is a great infographic from Aqua about how different statistics and factors can influence your score, and what you can do to improve your credit rating.

Credit is definintely somehting to be taken seriously.  Your rating will follow you around for life and can haunt your ability to get the things you need like a good house, car, loan, etc.  It’s very easy to make mistakes and slips that can tarnish your score and leave you with years of work to bring it back up.

Check out these factors and let me know what you think:

what factors determine your credit score

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    I think the most important thing is to form good financial habits and let your credit score take care of itself. Unless you’re buying a house or taking out an auto loan in the next few months, I don’t think that focusing on your score should really be a priority. It definitely matters, but if you focus first on putting good habits into place your score will fall into line.
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