My Best Online Discount Experience and a $500 Giveaway!

Online DiscountThe Internet has undeniable changed many things about our lives. We can find people we havn’t seen in years. Information is available right at our fingertips. Even the post office is going to eliminate one day of delivery because so many people just use email or automatic bill pay.

But arguably one of the coolest things about the Internet that has changed my life and yours is the way we shop. Not only are the things I’m looking to buy generally cheaper, you can also find all kinds of online discount promotional codes and deals that help sweeten the deal.

My Best Online Discount Experience:

Although I’ve saved money by buying stuff on Amazon and other online retailers for years, my greatest triumph comes from the time I was planning our family vacation in 2010. We decided that for the first time ever we were going to travel out of the country to an all-inclusive resort.

Online DiscountI got on each of the big travel websites (Expedia, Travelocity, Book It, etc) and started doing my research. Being that we were going out of the country, I relied heavily on the user reviews and opinions. We ended up finding this one resort that just seemed to have everything: Dreams in Cancun Mexico (shown on the right).

The first couple of times I priced out the vacation, it was something north of $5,000 for both flight and hotel. Ouch! Although some people might thing that’s a deal, it was kind of a lot for us.

Well as it turns out, I went back about a week later and priced it out again. Not only was Expedia now offering some special promotional discounts, but I was also finding out that certain dates resulted in significantly less cost.

Finally after watching the prices go up and down like the stock market, I found one combination of online discount plus Expedia bonus that resulted in the trip only costing $3,000! Not bad for a little bit of homework!


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    • MMD says

      Thanks for your tip! I’ve really taken to researching our vacations obsessively for weeks ahead of time also. To be honest I would be afraid to not book it in advance for fear the price would go up and I’d be in trouble!

    • MMD says

      Do they still have travel agencies? :) There was only one time I went through AAA for a vacation because they actually did have a better rate. But beyond that, it was hello Internet!

    • MMD says

      Thanks Chris and welcome to the site. I’ve thought more than once about trying that plane ticket strategy out myself. If I’m traveling for business and one day ahead of my meeting, what’s the harm?

    • MMD says

      Having access to your phone has resulted in so many new coupons and discounts for me as well. It’s just so convenient to check really fast and find one.

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