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Hello and welcome to My Money Design! This is a blog about helping you with your money and your life – everything from wealth creation and finance to simply saving more money!

In an effort to help you get the most out of its content, we have organized some of the more helpful investment how to posts below. Please feel free to browse through your topic of interest and enjoy!


Personal Finance Basics:

Are you new to financial planning? Want to know more about some of the principal concepts? Then read these posts to learn more about them!

Mutual Funds:
IRA’s (Individual Retirement Accounts):
Good Books to Get You Started:


Growing Your Retirement Savings:

One of the first options you should consider for building your personal fortune should be any of the various retirement plan options. Not only do they provide tax sheltering and may include employer matching, but they can also help you build a pattern of disciplined saving. Over time due to the power of compound returns, this means your money could grow far beyond anything you would have stashed away on your own!

Getting Started:
Model Investment Strategies:
Stock Picking Strategies:
How Much Should I Plan to Take Out (So I Know How Much to Save Up For)?
When Can I Start Using My Retirement Money?
Early Retirement Strategies:
How Does MyMoneyDesign Plan to Get There?

Creating Additional Income Streams:

In addition to planning for retirement, you can really take your finances to the next level by adding additional, multiple income streams. Not only can extra income streams reduce how much you’ll need to save for retirement, but then can also help you retire earlier and add stability to your income portfolio. Plus, who doesn’t want more money?

Dividend Income:
Real Estate:
More Ideas for Passive Income:


Reducing Your Lifestyle Costs:

Don’t want to have to save so much for retirement? Try NOT needing so much money by cutting back on your expenses.

College Savings for Your Kids:


Motivation and Guidance:

Sometimes personal finance is more “mental” than it is “technical”. We all get lost along the way and need some help getting our priorities straight. Please enjoy these posts as they help you reflect on your goals and needs.


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