Happy Easter Weekend – Plus Blog Updates

Easter eCard

Is everyone ready for for a happy Easter weekend?  I’m thankful for the short work week, but we’re going to need every minute of it.  There’s going to be all kinds of driving around and visiting with family.  Easter is particularly tough this year because it is so close to our kids’ birthdays and they already got so much stuff already.  But here it comes anyways, so bring on the candy! … [Read more...]

My Income Taxes are Done – Plus Blog Updates

income taxes

How good does it feel to finally say you’re done with your income taxes and they are turned in? I’ll be honest: I wasn’t looking forward to it this year. We had a lot of activity in the MMD household last year: Selling stocks, earning dividends, and the biggest one – having blog income to report. I thought for sure I was going to have to finally pay to have someone else figure all this out for me and prepare my taxes. … [Read more...]

Love Day Dinner – Plus Blog Updates


I hope everyone had a fun Valentine ’s Day. Anytime a holiday happens during the week (like Halloween), I feel it really takes something out of it when you have to go work / school. Regardless, we still had our annual “Love Day” dinner (as the kids call it) of spaghetti, meat sauce, and bread. Mrs MMD did outstanding as always and it was all very delicious. Now that it has came and went we can look forward to March coming around the corner and with it the first signs of somewhat warmer weather.   … [Read more...]

The Christmas Break and My Blog Updates

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I hope everyone had an outstanding Christmas! We’re really digging having the week off. I couldn’t believe how quickly the holiday flew by. Didn’t we just buy all those presents? This was the year of the Lego sets for my kids. They got just a ridiculous amount of them. Does anyone else’s kids have those Monster Fighter sets? They’re kind of cool …   My Blog Updates: You would NEVER guess it, but I’ve been really busy behind the scenes working on My Money Design. Here’s a few of the things that have been going on: … [Read more...]