Happy Wedding Anniversary, Father’s Day, and Favorite Posts

fathers day

What a weekend this will be!  First of all, congratulations to my wife for putting up with me for 11 years. Today is our anniversary!  I’m very humbled to say that everything I wrote about our love for each other in last year’s 10 year wedding anniversary tribute post is still just as fresh as ever.  Unfortunately timing was bad this weekend.  So we celebrated last weekend with a date night last, and will be taking a short weekend trip coming up soon in July. … [Read more...]

How to Turn Green Cloudy Pool Water Back to Blue

cloudy pool water

Why in the world is MMD writing a post about green cloudy pool water?  What does this have to do with money? If you own a pool, then you already know the answer – TONS!  Owning a pool is quite a love /  hate relationship.  I love it in the summer when its 100 degrees outside and I’ve got someplace cool to take a dip.  But I simply hate it every spring because getting it started is a nightmare. How bad is it?  There’s nothing worse than pulling your winter cover off only to find +20,000 gallons of puke, army green water.  Last year I spent hundreds of dollars in chemicals trying to bring … [Read more...]

School’s Out for Summer Break!


I think my obsession with early retirement must have started at an early age when I couldn’t wait for Summer break.  I can’t believe that May is already over and it was my children’s last day of school yesterday (and the last day of work for my teacher wife!)  So now my whole house (minus me) will be able to sleep in, relax all day, play in the sun, and repeat each day for the next three months. … [Read more...]

Blogger Fatigue and Favorite Posts


It’s finally really nice outside.  And when it’s nice outside, that can mean only one thing: It’s time to BE outside and enjoy it!  That’s where my head has been at lately.  I’m very fond of the Spring and Summer time because it means not being cooped up inside the house all day.  I’m looking forward to going to some outside events, making the yard look beautiful, and spending some much needed quality time with the family. While those are all certainly great life aspects to celebrate, I’m afraid that limits the amount of time I have to be a productive blogger.  But who wants to have their … [Read more...]

MORE Stupid Car Repairs – I Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Broken Car

So if you’re wondering why my regular Weekend post is going up so late, it’s because I was at … the “stealer”-ship yet again for MORE stupid car repairs! Yes ... again! Even after draining our emergency fund for sudden car repairs, here we are again!  You’re not going to believe this. Here’s what happened:   … [Read more...]

Movie Time, Car Story Conclusion, and Favorite Posts

Wine eCard

Sometimes when you have a hard week at work, the only thing you look forward to is getting home to spend a quiet evening with your spouse.  Not going out or painting the town.  Just curling up together with some wine and watching “This is 40” together … which was incredibly hilarious by the way.   … [Read more...]