Tired of Winter, The A to Z of Saving Money, and a Giveaway

ecard hate winter

Who else is tired of the Winter weather?  If you live anywhere near me (east), then you’re probably also over all this snow and cold that just continues to dump on us every day.  We were watching the news and they mentioned that at this time last year it was 70 degrees outside!  Can you believe that?  I don’t need it to be 70, but I would like it be just a little more spring-like. This weekend we’ll be getting things ready for Easter and taking our daughter out for her birthday.  I also plan to start reading my new book, The A to Z of Saving Money.  This is a new ebook collaboration among … [Read more...]

My Best Online Discount Experience and a $500 Giveaway!

Online Discount

The Internet has undeniable changed many things about our lives. We can find people we havn’t seen in years. Information is available right at our fingertips. Even the post office is going to eliminate one day of delivery because so many people just use email or automatic bill pay. But arguably one of the coolest things about the Internet that has changed my life and yours is the way we shop. Not only are the things I’m looking to buy generally cheaper, you can also find all kinds of online discount promotional codes and deals that help sweeten the deal. … [Read more...]