Love Day Dinner – Plus Blog Updates


I hope everyone had a fun Valentine ’s Day. Anytime a holiday happens during the week (like Halloween), I feel it really takes something out of it when you have to go work / school. Regardless, we still had our annual “Love Day” dinner (as the kids call it) of spaghetti, meat sauce, and bread. Mrs MMD did outstanding as always and it was all very delicious. Now that it has came and went we can look forward to March coming around the corner and with it the first signs of somewhat warmer weather.   … [Read more...]

Overestimating the Ideal Keyword Density and How I May Have Sabotaged My Own Blog

Ideal Keyword Density

Probably one of the biggest challenges I’ve had to blogging is that there isn’t really someone to tell you when you’re messing up. You can ask your friends, you can read articles, but even sometimes that’s not always accurate. Ultimately there’s a lot of trial and error, and you don’t really know you’ve blown it until you actually are. It’s quite possible I may have done that very thing with trying to follow the myth of the ideal keyword density.   … [Read more...]