How Being Successful Might Include Leaning Out From Work

A Pile Of Zen Stones by Grant Cochrane

What do you consider to be someone who’s “made it”?  Does that phrase bring up images of young fit people in business suits smiling as they rush to the next meeting holding their cell phone to their ear and a Starbucks treat in the other hand? While this is often a popular stereotype seen on TV and the media, for those of us that actually make it there it can come with a lot of sacrifices that we might not even be sure (or even aware) that we’re willing to make. So ask yourself this: Why does being successful have to stem from only your job?  Aren’t there other ways or other things you … [Read more...]

Finally a Safe Savings Rate for Your Retirement Formula

Dollar Egg by digitalart

One of the biggest mysteries the average working adult faces when it comes to their personal finances is knowing what the right answer is when it comes to the question of HOW much they should be saving every paycheck for retirement?  We’ve all seen generic articles that say to save 10% or whatever, but how do we know that percentage is really the right number to plug into our personal retirement formula? Even if you did take the time to figure out how much money you’d need and what size nest egg to save for, how do you know what chances your savings target would have of surviving another … [Read more...]