Niche Website Update 19 – Using the 80-20 Rule to Adjust My Priorities – Plus $1,295 in Income

80-20 rule

Before we get to the latest developments with my side-income generating efforts using my niche website portfolio (and what a great month it was), I wanted to pause for a minute and have everyone try a short exercise I used this month.I was on vacation recently when I had a moment of clarity and decide to try out this little exercise.  It’s amazing how much your perspective on things can change when you’re physically in a new location and removed from the everyday grindstone of your normal routine.Here is the exercise I tried:Take a pen and paper and on the left side begin jotting down a list of all the things you or your virtual assistant work on every week to make your niche sites or blog money. Now add some kind of monthly … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 18 – Reaching Out to Other Bloggers and Changing Focus


Welcome everyone to another monthly update of what’s going on with my niche website developments.In case you’re new here, I started building niche sites about a year and a half ago in an attempt to make more money from blogging and greatly accelerate my path to financial freedom.   If you’re a blogger or even just a regular person looking to add on to their regular monthly income, then you’re going to want to check this series out.All I can say about May was that it was a pretty eventful month in terms of up’s and down’s for my niche sites.  Here’s a look at how things have gone over the past few weeks:  What in the World Happened to the Rank of NS4? Oh no!  About a week after I published my last Niche Website Update … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 17 – How I Went From Spot 500 to 14 in the Google Search Ranks!

reach goal

One of the most frustrating things about starting a new niche website or building up the one you have now is getting little-to-no traffic!Taking it a step further, “little-to-traffic” can be EXTRA frustrating if the whole point of that website you’re working so hard on is intended to be one of your “money sites”.  In other words, you were counting on it to earn a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars each month.  But obviously that isn’t happening.For any money site, it’s a numbers game.  The higher the targeted traffic, the more likely you are to get more clicks on products you’re promoting and the more conversions (or sales) it will lead to.Little-to-traffic is a killer.  It equals zero conversions.  No money for … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 16 – NS4 is Growing – Plus My Passive Income Report

Ideas to Make Money

Welcome to the March edition of my niche website update. Every month we review the progress of my growing website collection and how they are performing financially.Building these websites and making money from my blogs is a very important part of enhancing my personal finance goals.  This ongoing side hustle is just one of the ways I create passive income streams in addition to my normal working income and becoming financially independent.March was a busy month for us.  We worked really hard to build up my latest (fourth) niche site NS4.  NS4 is a music niche website that will use Amazon as its primary source for monetization.We also did a little maintenance on the old websites and had a few welcomed surprises.Here’s … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 15 – A Slow Start for NS4 and $935 in Passive Income!

slow snail

It’s official: I finally have a website that is NOT about personal finance.  My latest creation, niche site 4 (which we’ll call NS4), is up and running. For those of you who are new to my updates, this creation is an Amazon based niche website that centers around the theme of music and musical products for sale.This is latest addition to my collection of niche sites that I've been building and promoting to help bring in more passive income.  For this creation specifically my intended goal for this project is to create a website that uses Amazon as its primary source of monetization rather than Google Adsense.  Lots of people who build niche sites claim that they get a far better return with the Amazon Affiliates program than they do … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 14 – Creating an Amazon Niche Site and $439 in Passive Income!

Internet Marketing

For a while I’ve been talking about it.And soon talk will become a reality!I’m starting off 2014 with the creation of my latest niche website; which we’ll dub NS4.This one is going to be slightly different than the rest.  How?  Instead of relying on Google Adsense for revenue, we’ll use Amazon to monetize it!There will be plenty to discuss on this.  So let’s jump right into it.  New Amazon Niche Site Q&A: Because of how much thought and strategy is going to go into the development of this website, I thought it would be best to explain my thought process in the form of a Q&A.  Hopefully I answer one of the questions you had about it: What will the new site be about?That’s another really cool … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 13 – NS3 May Be Lost But We Still Made $933 in Passive Income!

Dollar With Growing Arrow

2013 finally came to a close, and when it did it closed a big development for me in terms of building new websites.  Since I began this niche website initiative, we’ve grossed $2,300!  That’s a lot of revenue for a side project!  And in 2014, I’ll be looking to multiply that figure even further.I’ve learned so much about not only what it takes to create a brand new site, but also all the other things you also need to do and NOT do if you want it to be profitable.  Because I’m looking to build quality over quantity, I have no problem focusing my efforts on only activities that will help promote these sites.  We’ve already seen month over month growth from using this strategy, and I can’t wait to see how far up we can take it in the … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 12 – Getting Click-Bombed and Over $600 of Passive Income!


Can you believe the year is almost coming to a close?  It seems like just the other day I was writing for the first time about which passive income idea I was going to actively pursue as my next great way to try to increase my side income.  Obviously for me I felt that developing a niche site was the option that made the most sense.  And so now here we are with almost one year down and three active sites moving along.This November our niche website portfolio had a lot of ups and a few downs.  One big event that was a pretty big scare happened right on the first day!  More on that story below.But luckily we ended the month with a record-breaking bang!  And on that note, let's get down to it starting with the part of these updates … [Read more...]