The Roth IRA Basics and What You Need to Know to Get Started Today!

Roth IRA Basics, Traditional IRA

Allow me to be your Dad for a minute and tell you that if you haven’t setup a Roth IRA yet, then what are you doing?! Seriously, if you’re trying to figure out what to do differently with your money this year, how about putting in something that will grow tax free! Whether you know much about investing or money, read on as I explain all the essential Roth IRA basics and what you need to know to make the most of them.   … [Read more...]

When Can I Get My Retirement Savings?

Your Retirement Income Streams

When you’re creating your “money design”, there are a lot of options for income streams available to you at retirement. Depending on how early you plan to retire, it will be very important to know what the minimum age is you can start withdrawing your funds. The rules may influence the number of options on the table as well as have important legal and penalty implications. Using and several other websites, the following chart is an overlay of all the popular traditional retirement plans and when they can become available. … [Read more...]