What is My Money Design About?

My Money Design is a personal finance blog about developing strategies that will lead to your financial freedom. This will cover a variety of methods and aspects of life such as:

• Retirement planning

• Personal investing and financial planning

• Saving money and budgeting

• Developing automated and passive income streams

• Personal growth from changes to lifestyle, finding motivation and happiness

• Life-long financial education


Why Should I Read My Money Design?

My Money Design is a blog for you if you are interested in achieving financial freedom!  For me, achieving financial freedom means getting your money to a point where it simply takes care of you.  Essentially, this is where you and your family could virtually live off the income from your assets for the rest of your life!  Often this is regarded as criteria for being truly “wealthy”.

Some people call this retirement planning, but My Money Design seeks to take this a step further.  While retirement planning is a very crucial part of this process, we’ll be looking to take steps beyond simply stuffing your employer retirement plan with a million dollars, waiting until age 59-1/2, and then living off some small percentage of our fortune.  We’re going to be looking for ways to start reaping the benefits much sooner while still providing for a luxurious and comfortable set of golden years.

Another big difference between financial freedom and retirement is that employment is optional with financial freedom.  For me, I still plan to work even after I’ve achieved financial freedom because I want to do what I love.

My Money Design is NOT one of those “I hate my job and am looking for ways to get out of it” kind of blogs.  In fact, we’ll be spending a lot of time talking about how you can improve your career and leverage the income you receive to help obtain your goals.  Whether you are employed by someone else or an entrepreneur, you are always essentially working for someone else – a boss, the customer, a greater good, etc.  These are simply basic life challenges that we’ll seek to overcome together.

Why is this Blog Called My Money Design?

Look around you.  Is the computer you’re using just a bunch of electronics?  Is the building you’re in just a pile of wood, iron, and cement?  Is the car you drive just a collection of nuts and bolts thrown together?

Absolutely not!  All of these things came to be after someone put forth the effort to make them work – to design them!  Each of them was carefully thought out, designed and redesigned, tested, and later versions will be improved.

In my opinion, your finances are no different.  Most of us will never simply “become rich” by accident!  No, unforgettably the majority of us will need to put forth the effort to design a system which our money can safely grow into a fortune.

That is the basis of My Money Design.  The term money design is simply a phrase I use to describe your plan or strategy for becoming wealthy.  As you can guess, just like the example with the house or car, there are certainly many different ways to create your money design to fit your unique situation and make it work!

So What is My Money Design?

If you’d like to see how I invest my money and what my latest plan is for obtaining financial freedom, please feel free to read the following post:


Who Am I?

my money design

From a very early age, I was fascinated with the concept of “interest”. How is it, I thought, that you can make money by doing absolutely nothing except letting it sit in the bank? This curiosity has led me on a lifelong search to find other ways that I can make money beyond simply going to a job.

In my teens, I experimented with different banking products such as CD’s and high-interest savings accounts. In my early 20’s, I started making huge financial strides experimenting with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, credit cards, insurance products, mortgages, college savings plans, and many other topics.

During this time, I also turned to  financial books for advice. This was a very important move for me because it gave me access to advice from some of the greatest financial minds available. Financial education still continues to be an important part of my investment strategy today.

My Money Design was started as a way to share my ideas and research with anyone else who wants to accomplish financial freedom. I was finding myself searching the Internet to collect fresh advice and tactics, but I did not find it fair to keep what I learned all to myself.

It is my belief that everyone is capable of making changes in their life if they want to bad enough. When it comes to personal finance, you don’t have to be a stock analyst or entrepreneurial genius to become rich. Just a little bit of discipline and know-how can significantly improve your finances, lead to great wealth, and – best of all – create financial freedom and independence.

Above all, I hope My Money Design helps you, inspires you, and at the very least, entertains you.




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