Check Out My Guest Post “The Satisfaction of Doing Your Own Home Projects”

I’d like to kindly invite everyone to please take a moment to head over to the blog Invest It Wisely to read my guest post entitled “The Satisfaction of Doing Your Own Home Projects”.

As many of you know, I recently decided to take on putting hardwood floors in my house. I am not handy at all and I had a little apprehension about doing the project. But because I am also cheap (sorry, frugal), there was no way I was going to pay what they were asking for professional installation. So this post is about getting over the fear of trying something new, saving a little bit of cash in doing so, and learning some skills that will help me with later projects in the future.

Please give it read and leave me your comments!


  1. says

    Congrats on the guest post and the new flooring. I’m heading over there to read your post now. I thought I was somewhat handy, but I’d still be pretty intimidated trying to take on a project like that.

    • MMD says

      Thanks for both comments (here and IWI). I was pretty intimidated by the project at first as well. The guy at Home Depot re-assured me that it would be easier to do than the backsplash I put in our kitchen last year. On top of that, all the reviews I read said it was easier to install than they thought. So I just went for it!

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