4 Passive Income Ideas I Learned From Robert Kiyosaki

passive income ideasThe following post was provided by guest contributor (and very talented musician) Ardiv Jauhari.  If you are interested in being a guest contributor for My Money Design, please feel free to contact me.

When it comes to financial freedom, millions of people will tell you millions of different things. But a lot of times, the advice is only worth about as much as you paid to get it. In other words, how come so called “financial experts” have made far more money from peddling their books and tapes than they have in the financial sector or in the real world itself?

With Robert Kiyosaki, though, it’s all different. Here’s a financial expert who truly knows and understands the inner workings of money, finances, and more. And in fact, some of the major passive income ideas that he advocates are things he’s actually done, gotten rich from, and is teaching you to do now.

Passive income, of course, is making money and income without having to work for it. That is, you put in the work setting up the income stream, and then over time, income comes in naturally and you live the good life, enjoying the benefits without toiling all day and night over whether or not you’ll be able to pay the bills this month.

But when it comes to passive income, what do those ideas look like? And what can you do to truly take advantage of income streams and ensure your financial freedom to live and do the things you enjoy? Here are four income ideas advocated by Robert Kiyosaki as passive streams that can really make a huge impact on you and your life:


Kiyosaki’s Passive Income Ideas: 


1) Buying House Properties To Generate Cash Flow: Homes and other properties are great ways to generate cash flow, as you turn monthly rental checks from tenants into a great cash flow for you and your needs. You do very little work on the house, and you get monthly rent checks flowing in simply thanks to your foresight to make the purchase in the first place – truly a winning strategy!

2) Write Books (But Make Sure They Sell!): You need to make sure they will be popular and effective, but Kiyosaki advocates writing books and other materials that you can publish (either on your own, or through a publishing company), and in turn, collect monthly residual checks as they are sold throughout the country, or digitally online.

3) Internet-Related Businesses Work Great: Internet-related businesses are great turnkey investments that, once set up, can generate massive amounts of income for people who have to do very little work to get there. From affiliate marketing programs to other Internet marketing techniques and businesses, this is surely something to look into when it comes to generating passive income for yourself and your family!

4) Invest Wisely in Stocks and Mutual Funds: Finally, investing in stocks is a wise move to generate passive income – but only if you know how to play the game and work the stock market. The kicker, though, is that wisely investing in stocks can bring you a great deal of money while doing very little work, an equation that is surely positive for you and your needs!


If you find this article interesting, then please check out Ardiv Jauhari’s blog for more passive income ideas and article marketing tips to generate passive income online.


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    • MMD says

      It never is. Blogs take a lot of work in the beginning. Rental properties take a lot of energy to find, fix-up, and lease out. Even with stocks you have to do some homework to pick the right ones. But once any of these get going, they should only need minimal maintenance while the checks roll in.

  1. says

    Passive income is a great thing to strive for, and although these are great ideas anyone considering them needs to take into account the amount of learning, research and work required to achieve them. “writing a book” in particular… very, very time consuming and the “residual” checks will be small, if they exist at all. I think Robert is guilty of thinking along the lines of “if it worked for me it will work for you!”, which isn’t always accurate. Otherwise the book is a good, quick read but geared more towards motivational touch points than actual how-to.
    Snarkfinance recently posted..Debits and CreditsMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Snarkfinance,

      What you’ve just mentioned above are completely true, though I disagree with one point. I do believe that EVERYONE can achieve financial freedom but only if and only IF they decide to go through the process of learning and possibly failing a few times.

      Nothing in life ever comes easy, much like when we first learn to ride a bicycle which I’m sure most of you can relate to. Though we may fall and fail countless of times that doesn’t necessarily mean we have to give up on our dream (in this case, riding the bicycle :P).

      All it takes is a strong desire to achieve it and your brain will naturally figure out ways for you to reach that dream!

      Ardiv Jauhari
      Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..What is Affiliate Marketing? No Bull Sheet Explanation!My Profile

  2. says

    Hi Glen,

    It is true that passive income involves a lot of work especially when you’re first starting out.

    But wouldn’t it be AWESOME to know that once you have multiple passive income streams properly set up, you will be earning the same full time income if not MORE than what you’re currently earning at your current job? :)

    That’s WITHOUT having to consistently work on a daily basis.
    That’s WITHOUT having to answer to your boss.
    That’s WITHOUT having to leave your family at home to earn on active income.

    All you’re required to do is to MAKE A DECISION and TAKE ACTION! It doesn’t have to be “just a dream” for you, you can definitely make it your reality if you decide to just go for it. :)

    Ardiv Jauhari
    Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..What is Affiliate Marketing? No Bull Sheet Explanation!My Profile

    • says

      Hi Jason, I checked out your blog and I would say that your knowledge on personal finance is definitely worth sharing! Maybe you could start by compiling all the past articles that you’ve written and turn it into a book?

      I too share the same dream of publishing my own book, though I’ve only just started writing article so it’ll probably take me a while to get there! :)

      Ardiv Jauhari
      Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..Residual Income: The Income Of The RichMy Profile

  3. MMD says

    It’s always amazing to see the diversity in people who love or hate Robert Kiyosaki. And yet the fact remains that Rich Dad Poor Dad and a lot of his other books still continue to be successful. Just to throw it out there, let me ask the question: “Would Kiyosaki’s message about passive income be any better accepted if it came from someone else; for example, if David Ramsey had written Rich Dad Poor Dad?”

    • says

      Totally true MMD! I’ve somehow realized that we’ll be more open to accept other people’s opinion once we’ve gone through the route of “I won’t care what other people think of me as long as I’m determined in pursuing my goals” which is really the key to achieving success.

      The message in the book really impacted me as I’m sure it did for many others as well so I’m sure it will still be widely accepted regardless of the person who wrote it! :)

      Ardiv Jauhari
      Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..What Is Social Networking? 3 Words: You! Popular! Internet!My Profile

  4. says

    I would agree with most of these points except for online businesses. These are rarely ever “passive”. You have to work hard from day one to get the money. It is a business, not a passive income strategy. What business do you know of that has a passive income? Do the employees not work hard every day to create more money? With each web property I have ever owned, they required a lot of work and upkeep. You can’t build it and think people are going to start coming to it. I would take that one off completely.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted..The Many Options of Renters Insurance You May Be MissingMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Grayson!

      Online business can definitely be considered as “passive” but it does take way longer than most of the other points mentioned above mainly because setting them up requires a lot of effort in the beginning.

      Though, we’re required to do a little bit a mind shift from the “small business” perspective to “big business”, think fiverr, ebay, amazon etc. But yeah, since I’m just starting out online also, my words shouldn’t have any weight. Let me see if I can get someone who is really DOING it to add to the comments :)

      Ardiv Jauhari
      Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..What is Affiliate Marketing? No Bull Sheet Explanation!My Profile

      • MMD says

        For this, let me turn to another famous book “The 4 Hour Work Week”. In this book, the author designed an online business where he only works 4 hours a week by outsourcing almost every possible function of his business, and it is a success.

        But we can even take this down to people in our blogging niche. I completely agree with you that it takes a lot of hard work and upkeep to make your blog rank and gain traffic. But what about the bigger and more mature blogs that are making +$5,000 per month in affiliate income like Smart Passive Income, Mr Money Mustache, etc. That’s some passive income that I’d love to have!

        • Mike @ Personal Finance Beat says

          Yep, there’s a whole field out there dedicated to creating “niche” sites that target the hell out of keywords on random, but profitable topics. They then create a “landing page” with a lot of content and internal linking.

          You mention SPI, this is one of his sites, for example: http://www.securityguardtraininghq.com

          Sounds crazy, but he says this site alone brings in $3k a month, and nearly all of that is truly “passive.”
          Mike @ Personal Finance Beat recently posted..Saturday Blog RoundupMy Profile

          • MMD says

            Mike, I’m really, really glad you brought this up. I’ve been studing SPI’s niche site duel and Security Guard Training for quite a while now in an attempt to create my own niche site. Although it is young, I see the potential! And if I can get it up to $500 per month and crack the formula, I will be incredibly amazed!

  5. says

    I agree with your Ideas! and appreciate your share here. Becoming an affiliate is much less costly than starting a full time online business and the only requirements for success are a website and some smart online marketing strategies. I have also found a article “Passive Income Ideas 2013 Reviewed” on prnewswire.com

    Harrey Martin

  6. says

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start a passive income. For newbie, you need to learn with patience the idea of conversion. Is it possible that you could spend 20 dollars on paid traffic and make 26 dollars? I think so. The problem we have is that most people buy course after another but never master anything. Be patient and you can succeed.

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