Niche Website Update 10 – NS3 is a Failure (So Far) and I’m Glad

Google Adsense Scorecard 2013-09-15

When last we left in Update 9, I announced at the end of the post that I had just launched a brand new niche website.  This one was going to micro-niche site meaning that it will have less than 10 pages of content.   I've read a number of stories now about people who have created such sites and been able to make $100 or so per month from them.  Plus 10 pages of content is extremely easy to create, upload, and then build links back to.  Seems like a sure-thing, right? And so how’s that going?  Terrible! … and I’m happy with that.   Yeah, you read that correctly.  I’m okay with NS3 performing … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 9 – Criticisms of My Second Niche Site

IV4 No 1 - Screen Shot 2013-09-01

I’m pleased to inform everyone that things are still going pretty well for my small niche website portfolio.  To quickly recap my last update, I had just revealed my second niche site launch (called NS2), provided a full run-down of all the activities and links I built to it, and then gladly reported that it was already ranking No. 4 in the Google search results for the exact match keyword. Well, another month has passed and I have some more developments to share.  First I am going to compare NS2 to the achievements of my first niche site (NS1), and then give some critiques for both.  And … [Read more...]

How to Make Money with a Website and Why Most Personal Finance Sites Don’t


MMD - Today we are very honored to be featuring a guest contribution from successful niche website creator Jon Haver.  Jon's posts and ideas have recently been featured on a number of niche site blogs including a podcast interview on Niche Pursuits.  If you're wondering right now how to make money with a website or why your's isn't doing as well as you hope, then you really need to hear Jon's story! Here it is:   It wasn’t long ago (1 year ago) where I thought making $3k/month from 1 personal finance website I worked on part time would be too hard to achieve. I had always enjoyed reading … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 8 – NS2 on the First Page Search Results Already!

Road Sign Concept With The Text Success by Naypong

I’ve got some terrific news: My new niche website (NS2) is currently ranking on the first page of Google at #4 for my main target keyword! Believe it or not, this comes as a great accomplishment to me because it means that all the tricks and things I learned through the first niche site do in fact work!  This is also very exciting news to me because if I consider how much my first niche site (NS1) makes in terms of a modest residual income every month from the advertising, I now just DOUBLED my income potential!  Can you imagine how much money I could be making after experiencing success … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 7 – Site Number 2 Launched!

IRA vs 401k Google Analytics 20130706

If you’ve noticed a slow down on the posting frequency here at My Money Design, first let me apologize.  I don’t value my readers any less.  No, instead something big has been happening behind the scenes.  I gave myself a deadline of the end of June to launch my next niche website. And you know what?  I did it! … [Read more...]

Building My Money Earning Sites – Niche Website Update Part 6

Iv4 Webmaster Search Results

Unfortunately after many attempts, my niche website has still not broken into the ultra competitive Top 10 in the Google search engine results (SERP) for my main keyword.  While some may call that a disappointment (since the goal for most money earning sites is to make it to No. 1 and start generating revenue), I’m not completely sure that all hope is lost just yet.  I have noticed a few very interesting things that put a little bit of sunshine over my situation.  Let’s take a look at them:   … [Read more...]

Building My Money Earning Sites – Niche Website Update Part 5

LTP IRA vs 401k 2013-04-23

I’ve got to admit that I’m slightly frustrated.  Ever since the Google penalty was removed from my niche website, I was happy to see it go from as low as Number 40 and stabilized between No. 16 and 20.  But then over April it hasn’t really moved too much beyond that … Obviously the goal with building these money earning sites is to make some money!  With Google Adsense as my major monetization stream for this site (for now), I’m not going to receive nearly as much action on the bottom of SERP 2 as I would if I were at the No. 1 spot.  That’s why cracking the Top 10 spots by getting to the … [Read more...]

Building My Money Earning Sites – Niche Website Update Part 4

IRA vs 401k Anchor Text

When last we left, the latest of my money earning sites seemed to be lost in the desolate wastelands of ~ No. 300 in the Google search results.  No one was ever going to find my website, and it was surely never going to make any money!  Obviously I did something wrong, and Google wanted me to know.  Thankfully, I was able to get a clue as to what my sin was and what I should do to correct it. Here’s what I did to get my niche site back on track.  If you’d like to read previous chapters, follow the links at the bottom of this post.   … [Read more...]