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blogger fatigueIt’s finally really nice outside.  And when it’s nice outside, that can mean only one thing: It’s time to BE outside and enjoy it!  That’s where my head has been at lately.  I’m very fond of the Spring and Summer time because it means not being cooped up inside the house all day.  I’m looking forward to going to some outside events, making the yard look beautiful, and spending some much needed quality time with the family.

While those are all certainly great life aspects to celebrate, I’m afraid that limits the amount of time I have to be a productive blogger.  But who wants to have their nose stuck to a computer screen anyways when there are things going on?

For the past few months I may have burned myself out trying to pump out decent material for not one, but two sites plus a few lengthy guest posts.  I was on quite a roll, but I’m afraid the engine may have gone empty leaving me with blogger fatigue.  During one of my writing sessions, I literally stared at the computer screen for about 30 minutes before I could think of anything decent to type.   So needless to say, I’m suffering from serve writer’s block.

So in that case you may see my posting frequency lighten up a little bit for a few weeks.  As a personal stance, I’d much, much rather put out one extremely enjoyable and valuable +1,000 word post as opposed to two or three 300 word fluff posts.  There is no denying that when it comes to things that stand the test of time in blogging, quality will always prevail.

What I’d like to do is take a little time to do more research; specifically with finding good keywords to target.  This is a task I consider to be an enormous benefit to my blogging.  Since concentrating on keywords I’ve noticed significantly more organic traffic to my blog; more so than when I was actually activity trying to promote it.  That’s EXACTLY the kind of passive infrastructure I’d like to have for operating my websites.  I want my work to be easily found by others, but more importantly I want it to be valuable and high quality.  And of course I want it to be found by many.  This is why I consider this an important task.  It may not be very much fun, but a little bit of planning will go a long ways in providing me with great topics to write about over the next few months.


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  1. says

    Thanks for including my post this week. I have also found that I am experiencing a little bit of writers block lately, but fortunately I had created a really big list of things that I want to blog about when I first started my blog and I have barely touched any of the topics.

    I’m sure you will get back into the swing of things soon enough and a small break might do you good.

    Have a good weekend :)
    Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted..Top Personal Finance Articles #15My Profile

    • MMD says

      I think that was my major problem: My little black book of ideas somewhat ran out. I need to drum up some worthy topics and just clear my mind.

    • MMD says

      Nah, the people who really need your info probably actually appreciate the passion and length of the new posts. Plus the SEO value is probably far far better.

  2. says

    I’ve taken to writing only one good post every two or three weeks. Most of my traffic is search traffic anyway. Like you, I usually find a good keyword to target. I do very little to promote my site and still get usually 50-80 visitors per day.

    I’m glad you are reaping the benefits of Long Tail Pro. Even if doing the keyword research takes a little bit of time, it is well worth it. It brings in a different kind of traffic, the kind that is more likely to click on ads!
    Matthew Allen recently posted..One Year of Being Dumb and Creating Passive IncomeMy Profile

    • MMD says

      That’s sort of the way I feel about it: Just focus on putting out quality before quantity. Plus I don’t mind putting the keyword first because in reality I’m just picking the topic and then finding a good keyword to use around it.

  3. says

    I think we’ve all went through some form of writers block but you will get through it. I have a hard time shutting up so my posts tend to be longer although when I first started blogging that was not the case. I think over time I realized what blogging was all about and I’m still learning. That’s what it is, a learning experience. Cheers mate
    Canadianbudgetbinder recently posted..The Saturday Weekly Review #21- End of May And A Dog and Garden UpdateMy Profile

    • MMD says

      We all definitely do go through writers block, and I’ve been through this cycle before. I’ve found that if you just take a short break and use the time to list out topics you feel are important, you’ll squirrel away enough good things to talk about to last you a while.

  4. says

    I know exactly where you are coming from MMD. I find myself in the same situation every now and then and I lighten up my posting schedule to a few post a week so I can get other things done and do a little R&R.

  5. says

    MMD, I have the exact same problem these days. As it is nice, warm, sunny and overall gorgeous weather outside I have a hadr time to keep myself writing. I started a couple of articles and didn’t finsh them. I might be following your example and be outside more than inside working.
    Martin recently posted..An ultimate dividend payerMy Profile

    • MMD says

      If the rain could stop over where I’m at, I’d be enjoying the outdoors just a little bit more! :) But regardless – I’m glad that winter is now over.

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