The Christmas Break and My Blog Updates

blog updatesI hope everyone had an outstanding Christmas! We’re really digging having the week off.

I couldn’t believe how quickly the holiday flew by. Didn’t we just buy all those presents? This was the year of the Lego sets for my kids. They got just a ridiculous amount of them. Does anyone else’s kids have those Monster Fighter sets? They’re kind of cool …


My Blog Updates:

You would NEVER guess it, but I’ve been really busy behind the scenes working on My Money Design. Here’s a few of the things that have been going on:

• Cleaned up all my W3C coding errors.

• Cleaning up all the broken links I can find (scan, check, and repeat). Again, it’s somewhat sad to remove the links to blogs that are no more.

• The Passive Income Ideas section was re-written and revamped. This has been on my to-do list for a while since it is a section of my blog where I think readers could gain a lot of value. I intend to keep adding to it and updating it with more personal information as I get better at developing my own passive income streams.

• The “Easy Money” section was completely removed. This was a section of my blog that just went dead and really didn’t need any more. It was originally supposed to be a place where I could post awesome deals or quick cash ideas. But as time when on, my blog just really wasn’t going in that direction anymore and very few things ever got posted there.

• I’ve been spending a LOT of time going back and optimizing old posts that received little or no attention for new keywords. Doing this over the Christmas break is somewhat of a poor litmus test to see how effective the changes are since there seems to be a lot less blog traffic during this time. I’ll give it a month and see if some of these new keywords make a difference.

• While I’m doing my keyword research, I’m also making note of a few new keyword ideas that would make good topics.

• And finally, does anyone know how to put together an eBook? I’ve been drafting some material and I think I’m ready to take this to the next level …


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Thanks to everyone for linking to my site and enjoying my posts. I really appreciate your support and hope you continue to visit!


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    • MMD says

      I had been procrastinating those tasks for far too long. Knowing I had some time off over the Holiday break, there really wasn’t any excuse not to.

    • MMD says

      What’s funny is I did try to hire out a few of tasks but I had no success. I ended up getting impatient and just doing everything myself.

    • MMD says

      Thanks Brian. I’ve been collecting material and putting a lot of work into the passive income ideas section for a while. I was not aware that P2P lending isn’t available in Canada!

    • MMD says

      Thanks Michelle. I’m just trying to catch up to your success! I’m hoping that all this effort will finally reward me with something higher than a PR2.

    • MMD says

      I need to give this some time and see if some of my older, re-optimized posts start getting some attention from organic searches. If they do, then I’ll know that my efforts were worth it.

    • MMD says

      I have a two part system. I’ve been using the Broken Link Checker plugin to catch a lot of the obvious ones. I also have been using Xenu to do a more deep and thorough scan. Unfortunately a lot of the broken links come from old comments left by bloggers who are no more.

      Yeah, I thought the graphic was pretty suiting for the Christmas break :)

    • MMD says

      Thanks Jennifer. The Easy Money section started off as a good idea, but my blog became more about long term investing rather than just grabbing quick one-shot signup deals. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t still publish a few of them every now and again in the future as I find them!

    • MMD says

      Those Lego sets are getting more and more complicated, aren’t they? However, I will say the artistic quality of the sets is also becoming remarkable! I remember as a kid everything being very box-y and not really looking like much of anything. Now they have all kinds of special bricks and colors to really give the sets a special look and feel.

    • MMD says

      Good for you to do some house keeping! It does feel good to make some improvements. I can only guess that optimizing my old posts will do good, right? I believe the number of search queries that are bringing up my blog is improving as a result. Now all I need is to become number 1 for those keywords …


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