Happy Wedding Anniversary, Father’s Day, and Favorite Posts

Happy Wedding Anniversary, Father’s Day, and Favorite PostsWhat a weekend this will be!  First of all, congratulations to my wife for putting up with me for 11 years. Today is our anniversary!  I’m very humbled to say that everything I wrote about our love for each other in last year’s 10 year wedding anniversary tribute post is still just as fresh as ever.  Unfortunately timing was bad this weekend.  So we celebrated last weekend with a date night last, and will be taking a short weekend trip coming up soon in July.

Oh yes … It’s also Father’s Day this weekend!  Happy Father’s Day to all my fellow dads out there.  This is another one of my favorite days because no matter what I want to do I can follow it up with the phrase “… but its Father’s Day”.

I’ll be spending more than enough time with my own family as well as my Dad since we have a ton of other activities going on: Soccer championships (for the kids), my niece’s birthday party, and I’m sure there’s more.  It’s a lot to fit in to one weekend, but I’m sure we’ll survive.


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    • MMD says

      Don’t mention it Matt! Thank you for the great post.

      Have fun in Ludington. I’ve still got to make it over to the west side of the state sometime to check it out. I’ve heard nothing but good things about how beautiful it is over there.

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