Welcome Back to Work – Did You Notice Your Paycheck is Lower?

Your paycheck is lowerIf you haven’t already, it’s back to work! It was such a great and enjoyable break. Sometimes I think having a week off is worse than having one day off because you get far too comfortable waking up at your leisure, reading a book, drinking coffee, etc.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it gets worse: Your paycheck is lower! That’s right – the take-home from your paycheck is going to be lower because as part of the Fiscal Cliff, the payroll-tax cut didn’t get extended. That means the Social Security deduction for your Federal taxes went back to 6.2% from 4.2%. It was a nice two years at the lower rate, but it was always just a temporary band-aid as part of the Stimulus. Now it’s back to reality!


Your Paycheck is Lower, but the Blog Has Been Busy:

If you’d like to learn a little bit more about me and my story, head on over to Budgeting in the Fun Stuff and read my post. I was featured yesterday as part of the Reader Profile series. A big thanks to Crystal for letting me participate!

Lately I’ve been seeing as many as 25 to 50 junk comments hit my spam folder each day, which is far more than I’m used to seeing. I was scratching my head wondering what in the world was going on.

Then by chance, I figured out what the root cause was: My Money Design has somehow made it back to the front page of Technorati. As matter of fact, we were No. 5 in the finance category!

This comes as a big surprise to me since the last time I checked Technorati a few months ago, my blog was buried somewhere in the 200’s and I figured it would be impossible to ever see the light of day again. Good for me I guess!


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Thanks to everyone for linking to my site and enjoying my posts. I really appreciate your support and hope you continue to visit!


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    • MMD says

      It wasn’t in my spam folder, but I did have to approve it because it was being held in moderation. Whenever someone types their comment in and its different from one they already have on here, my site automatically holds it back for me to approve.

    • MMD says

      Thank goodness for those Spam blocking plugins, right? I remember having to manually delete them all – blah!

      You’re welcome for the mention. Please do check out my BIFS post! I think you’ll enjoy it!

  1. says

    Woot! My spam increases with my PageRank, as far as I can tell. I’m not on Technorati – the whole process just seemed too hard at the time.

    Two more days till I’m back at work – it’s gone really fast, probably because we had visitors for a lot of the time.
    eemusings recently posted..The elements of a perfect bankMy Profile

    • MMD says

      So someday when I get higher Pagerank, I’ve got more Spam to look forward to! I guess its a small price to pay :)

    • MMD says

      You’re absolutely right. There’s no fighting the tax man. All we can do is budget out that money and make use of our tax sheltered savings plans.

    • MMD says

      I’m also surprised there isn’t more media attention about it. I guess the reporters were too busy getting us the latest news on Justin Bieber. :)


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