Weekend Wind Down 10/20/2012 – Back Home

There is nothing like being back home after a long business trip. This week I was traveling the east side of the country through NY State and then back through Canada. Everything was going smoothly until I hit the 401 highway to come home and got stuck in a wallop of traffic. I could not believe how business the road was on a Friday. Even the service station I stopped at for a quick bite was busier than a mall on Christmas Eve. Who knew that’s where everyone hangs out?


Blog News:

Do I smell a Google PR update coming soon? Let’s all cross our fingers, pray we did everything right, and wake up with PR 10’s (yeah right!)

Next week we’ll be starting off week with a little bit of sarcasm. It’s a post about all the things that bore me to tears when I read resumes of new job applicants. This won’t be the resume advice you’re use to receiving …

Scary movie post won last week. So this week, I’ll be scheduling the other post I had ready about Flexible Spending Accounts. If you have kids in daycare or pay medical bills, you’ll want to take note of this one. You could pay for these expenses tax free if you know what to do.


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MyMoneyDesign was featured in the following personal finance carnivals this week:

Thanks again to all my new and returning visitors. I really appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy my site!


Posts This Week:

1) My Money Design – October 2012 Update

2) My Favorite Scary Movies – Have Some Cheap Halloween Fun!

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    • MMD says

      We’re right about on time for the next one. If things hold true to form (about every 3 months), than we should see one within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed ….

    • MMD says

      I read about the disavow update this weekend. Did not see that one coming. Unfortunately, I have very few backlinks to my site, so I think I’m okay.

    • MMD says

      Ha – the funny thing is that I don’t even think Google has a PR 10, and its their system! And even still, we’d still get a whole bunch of low ball offers from advertisers. :)


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