Weekend Wind Down 3/24/2012

Spring is in the air! Mrs. MMD and I are ready to get to work on the yard and get it looking beautiful as soon as possible. We both thoroughly enjoy landscaping. First on the list is getting the gardens edged and covered with weed-block material. Once that is complete, we’ll be ordering the flagstone retainers and then covering the beds with some dark slate rock. So long dried up, old wood mulch!

The kids are also enjoying the un-seasonably 80 degree weather. Last weekend, we built their basketball hoop (that they got for Christmas) and we’ve used it a few times already. But the really big hit of the warm weather has been the Razor Rip Riders. We cannot get them off those things! One of the bikes has a lever that makes sparks fly out the bottom. How awesome is life when you’re 7 and 9 years old and sparks fly out the bottom of your bike?!

In blog news, my Alexa ranking finally dropped below 200,000 for the first time ever! Although the clouds did not part and a single ray of sunshine did not shine down upon my laptop, it still felt pretty cool to know that I had achieved the goal I set out to accomplish. Thanks to everyone who visited my site and made this happen. In return, I plan to write a “How I get my Alexa below 200K” article shortly for all the new bloggers out there that need some help and inspiration for getting their Alexa ranking down (like I needed). So what’s my new Alexa goal? Get to less than 100,000!

Carnivals and Mentions:

This was not a very popular week for MyMoneyDesign. However, I was grateful to be featured in 2 carnivals and 1 mention:

Carnival of MoneyPros #3 St. Patty’s After-Day Fun – Money Reasons

Carnival of Retirement #11 – Saving for Retirement – The Frugal Toad

Why You Should Save for Retirement While In Graduate School Part 1 – Evolving Personal Finance

I do believe there may have been an issue with Blog Carnival HQ when I submitted my posts this week. Not one of them made it into any of the normal carnivals which is pretty unusual. Oh well, there’s always next time!


Here are my stats for the week:

• Alexa Ranking: 177,440 (as of 3/23/12).

• Google PageRank: 1 / 10

• SEOmoz MozRANK: 1.97 / 10

To keep that Alexa rank going down, I will continue to focus on building my readership by visiting other blogs and being apart of the community. One other thing I tried is joining Technorati. Last week my blog was finally accepted, so I hope to start attracting some other audience to visit.

Thank you to all my new and returning visitors who have helped me achieve these ranks. I appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy my site!


Posts This Week:

1) Would Dollar Cost Averaging and Bonds Have Saved You From “The Lost Decade”?

2) Why I Finally Sold My Apple Stock

3) Let Curiosity Guide You, But Common Sense Protect You

Photo Credit: MMD


    • MMD says

      Thanks! It wasn’t that long ago I was at 2,700,000 and I thought it would be forever until I saw an Alexa ranking below 200,000!

    • MMD says

      Thank you! I’ve still got a long way to go to catch up to your rank! I was hoping that maybe I’d finally have some luck with some advertisers.

    • MMD says

      Thank you! It’s pretty cool when you finally start seeing that number go down. Very shortly I’ll have a “How I Got My Alexa Below 200,000” post. Please check back and hopefully I can teach you some tricks.

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