Weekend Wind Down 3/31/2012

Another exhausting week of work! I’m glad to be finally sleeping in this morning.

The week started off with the actual birthday of our daughter. Unfortunately because we had already celebrated her birthday in the combined party with her brother (and because it fell on a Monday), we gave her her presents and brownies and that was pretty much it. During the school week you’ve still got homework and spelling words to study for even on your birthday.

It was the end of the marking period for our kids – one more to go until Summer Vacation! Both of them did really well on their report cards. And what does every 7 and 9 year old want for getting good grades? – Red Lobster! Yes, they love Red Lobster. It’s been a fascination for them since they were both really small. I know it’s crazy!

My wife and I also watched “Young Adults” with Charlize Theron last night. Although it was okay, the movie wasn’t quite as funny or witty as I hoped it would have been. I was expecting something more like “Up in the Air” (same director). Oh, well! I guess I should have listened to my instincts and rented “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

Carnivals and Mentions:

MyMoneyDesign was featured in the following personal finance carnivals this week:

• The Carnival of Financial Camaraderie #26 – My University Money

Yakezie Carnival – The Early Spring Jump Edition! – Money Reasons

Carnival of Money Pros #4 Scramble With Friends – Thousandaire

Carnival of Retirement, Welcome to FPR Edition – Finance Product Reviews

Self Directed Investing For Retirement – March Madness Issue – Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio Blog

In addition, my articles were also mentioned in the following other blogs:

• Make Money Make Cents – Weekly Recap 3/24

• Chase-A-Dream – Chase A Dream Weekly roundup #2

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Thanks to everyone for graciously mentioning me on their sites!


Here are my stats for the week:

• Alexa Ranking: 159,416 (as of 3/30/12).

• Google PageRank: 1 / 10

• SEOmoz MozRANK: 1.97 / 10

This week MyMoneyDesign was also included in Money Crasher’s Top Personal Finance list! We made it in at # 335 – not too shabby! I also noticed that we’ve made it into the top 100 Personal Finance blogs on Technorati. Things are looking good!

If you’re looking for ways to improve your Alexa ranking, then please checkout my special edition post on how I finally got my rank below 200,000 (see the link below under Posts This Week). Thanks again for the support on helping me to achieve these stats!


Posts This Week:

1) Which is Better – Term or Permanent Life Insurance? – Part 1

2) Which is Better – Term or Permanent Life Insurance? – Part 2

3) How I Got My Alexa Ranking Below 200,000

Photo Credit: MMD


    • MMD says

      Yeah, that guy’s blog is pretty darn good! :)

      I really like Charlize Theron, but that was not the best role for her. The movie was kind of a big downer!

  1. Katie says

    I have been wanting to see Young Adults. It looks so funny on the previews. I’m still gonna have to check it out.

    • MMD says

      I hope you enjoy it! It’s not terrible, just a little of a downer. I was hoping it would be a little funnier.

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