Weekend Wind Down 4/07/2012

Weekend wind down??? Yeah right!! Tell that to the 6 tons of flagstone that the semi-truck dropped off on Friday morning! Phase 1 of our landscape remodeling project was in full effect. For a long time now we’ve wanted to line our gardens with flagstone pavers and fill the beds with slate rock. It took about 8 hours to move it all and get it in place, but in the end it looks great. Fortunately it was exactly the right amount of stone we needed. Unfortunately, my back and hamstrings are killing me!  Here are some more pics:



If anyone would like to follow me on Twitter, I have finally started an account. Thanks to Jeremy over at Modest Money for some much needed encouragement. I will warn everyone that I have never used Twitter before, so if I don’t do something right or do something silly, bare with me – I’m learning!

Happy Easter to everyone tomorrow!

Carnivals and Mentions:

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Here are my stats for the week:

• Alexa Ranking: 140,915 (as of 4/06/12).

• Google PageRank: 1 / 10

• SEOmoz MozRANK: 1.97 / 10

My Technorati Finance Rank (35) and Money Crashers Rank (265) have also seen some improvement this week. I’m really hoping that during the next PR update that I have enough backlinks to increase to a “2”.

Ultimately, I’m really thankful for all my new and returning visitors! I really appreciate your support!


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Photo Credits: MMD


  1. Tackling Our Debt says

    Your lawn is quite green already, and it looks like you live on an acreage?

    I love flagstone pavers! Landscaping is very hard work and can be quite expensive. But I always love the end result when everything looks so nice.

    • MMD says

      Thanks! We do love the look of them and have put this off for the last 8 years. But we finally decided to splurge this year. We live on a third of an acre in a recently built subdivision that use to be a farm. It has a nice country charm even though we are extremely close to the city. I didn’t realize it, but my grass does look good in that picture even though the rest of the yard looks very yellow and sad. I’ve got my bag of fertilizer ready to go, but was waiting for a weather forecast of solid rain!

  2. says

    Thanks for the mention MMD. Good to see that you’re on twitter now. There is a learning curve there, but pretty much everyone else is going through the same learning process. Now the next step is customizing your profile page.

    The landscape work looks great. Geez that’s a lot of flagstone though. I feel your pain for all the work that must’ve gone into hauling those across the yard and putting them all in place.
    Modest Money recently posted..Top Canadian Personal Finance BlogsMy Profile

    • MMD says

      Awh, thanks! That yard took 8 years to create, so you’ve got plenty of time!

      Thanks on the stats! There was plenty of advice out there on the web for the Alexa ranking, but the PageRank advice seems to be less consistent. Plus when it only gets updated every 3 months or so, it’s hard to experiment and know if what you’re doing is really making a difference. Unfortunately though, just like Alexa, it is number that advertisers look at. So I have to figure something out!

    • MMD says

      Thanks! It was and I’m glad it’s done. But next week we’ve got 7 yards of slate rock coming! Ahhh! More work!

    • MMD says

      No problem. I’ve made so many mistakes on so many comments.

      Everyone loves some good before and after shots. I say go for it! And thanks on the stats!

  3. Karunesh @ chase-a-dream.com says

    Your Lawn looks like a little park. It would be a great place to have a breakfast. Walking barefoot on grass. watching sunrise and sunset , then having a dinner :)

  4. MMD says

    Thank you for the compliment! Where is it that you live? We actually wish our backyard was just a little bigger. Where we live is considered a “small lot”.

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