Weekend Wind Down – The Dark Knight Rises

Has anyone seen the new Batman movie? Man, is it good!! Much like the last one, the movie centers more around some great plot development and a story of terrorism much more than it does actually showing Batman in action. What I really liked was how they did a great job of tying the movie back to the 2004 Batman Begins.  Bane’s mission is to destroy Gotham City and complete the work of Ra’s al Ghoul (played by Liam Neeson) from the first movie. But expect a few plot twists!

Christopher Nolan (the director) is pretty much on a roll with the Batman series and Inception as of lately. And speaking of Inception, I was delighted to see they used 4 of the actors from that movie in the new Batman movie (one of which plays the main villain Bane).

By contrast, my son was watching the old 1995 Batman Forever movie on TV. Wow, I never realized just HOW BAD those last few 90’s movies of Batman really were. Terrible!! They were barely even made for TV-movie quality!


Blog News:

If anyone is interested in hearing me play the guitar, then check back for my post on Monday. I’m trying to find a good plugin that will let you listen to some of my mp3 recordings right within the post. Anyone know of any?

On Wednesday we’re going to ask the question “Is it possible to retire on $500,000?” and see what kind of options we come up with. You might be surprised at what we come up with!


Link Love – Blogs You Should Check Out:

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  • And unfortunately – Katie at Along for the Journey (whose blog I’ve been following for a while now) sadly announces that a divorce is likely in Life and Financials on the Rocks.  Be strong and we all wish you the best!



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Thanks again to all my new and returning visitors. I really appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy my site!


Posts This Week:

1) Overcoming Envy – Why Do We Hate Other People’s Success?

2) Using the Dogs of the Dow to Buy the Best Dividend Paying Stocks

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    • MMD says

      Check this out – the theater by my house has $5 Tuesdays, so it only cost $5 to go see Batman! What a deal!

  1. says

    Awesome idea to post your guitar playing on your blog. I’m sure there are several decent mp3 streaming plugins if you just search the plugin repository for ‘mp3’. I haven’t seen the new Batman yet, but I really should soon. After the last one, this one is bound to be pretty awesome.
    Modest Money recently posted..End of July 2012 Blog UpdateMy Profile

    • MMD says

      You’re going to love the movie! I think you’ll like the post on Wednesday about $500K – you might have a lot to offer with your expertise.

    • MMD says

      I know what you mean! There were times during the movie where I would just kind of look around and check the other people out … making sure no one was up to anything fishy …

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