4 Online Degrees That Will Earn Your Money Back Fast

Online Degree

Furthering your education is important. When you get a degree, you're able to not only improve yourself, but also everything in your life. However, getting a traditional degree is difficult for some.Whether you're dealing with time constraints, money problems, or other issues, going into a classroom isn't always the best option. Luckily, today there are a number of online degrees you can pursue that will help you recover the cost of time, money, and effort you put into it.  Online MBA Degree As you're considering your future, you need to think about the degrees that will get you ahead in your current career or help you enter a new field. For example, a Master in Business Administration will enable you to make a lot of money … [Read more...]

How to Increase Your Google Adsense Revenue Using My Simple Equation

Adsense revenue

Google Adsense revenue has got to be one of the simplest and most convenient forms of passive income I have ever gotten myself into.For quite a few months now I’ve been receiving close to $500 per month just from being an Adsense affiliate.$500 per month; can you believe that?  That’s practically a car payment.  And the best part is that it requires little to no effort on my part to earn it.Though there are many factors that affect how much money you’ll earn from Google Adsense, one of the biggest things I’ve come to realize is that you need to start with a good strategy if you expect to get any revenue.  Questions like “should I write a post about this or that” can make or break whether you’ll get a few bucks per click or just … [Read more...]

What Size Mortgage Can I Afford and How Can I Figure That Out?

What Size Mortgage Can I Afford

How big is “too big” when you’re thinking price tag on a new house?That’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind when they first go new-home shopping: What size mortgage can I afford?It’s a prudent thing to ask and sensible when it comes to your finances.  Part of the whole Great Recession in 2009 was an issue with home buyers taking on far too high of a mortgage value than they could afford.  (That and getting themselves into mortgage products that were probably not the most ideal for their situation).So to avoid another house buying implosion, a smart consumer will first take a look at their financial situation in the mirror and see what makes the most sense for their situation.  Here’s a few tips to help you decide how much … [Read more...]

Combating Fraudulent Activity in the Charity Sector


Fraud is damaging when it affects any business.  But arguably it is the most heinous when there is fraudulent activity in the charity sector.In June 2013 The National Fraud Authority (NFA) published its ‘Annual fraud indicator’ report which estimated that fraud cost UK charities a staggering £147.3m in the year to March 2012.Aside from the immediate financial effects of fraud, there can be far-reaching consequences for charities that fall victim to fraudsters. For example reputational damage following fraudulent activity can be particularly costly.Frustration can quickly take hold among the donating public, who feel aggrieved when given reason to suspect their donations, pledged in good faith, may have been misused. In this … [Read more...]

Some Unconventional Thoughts on Investing for Your Retirement

Investing for Your Retirement

When I first started in financial planning, this would be back in the 1980’s, investing for your retirement was simple.  When you were young, the theory went, you dutifully started putting away a little bit of your salary each month.  The amount was as high a percentage of your income as you could manage.  It was supposed to be a sacrifice.  Give up something now to have something later.You invested in the stock market, of course.  Equity returns were the way to go and you had plenty of time to ride out cyclical fluctuations.  Your risk return profile indicated a higher acceptance of risk.You also bought a home.  This was more a place to live than a retirement investment.  Still, it increased your net worth.As you got older you … [Read more...]

Learning About Yourself and What You’re Really Capable Of – Through Travel

Learning About Yourself

One of the most over-looked and under-appreciated arts around is that of travel.Every year 1.5 billion fly somewhere.  Some people do it well.  Others completely freak out.The interesting thing about when you travel alone is that it really gives you the opportunity for learning about yourself and what you’re really made of.  You’ll find out just how brave or scared you are to try new things.  You’ll also find out how resourceful you are when it comes to un-foreseen challenges and bumps in the road.  How Traveling Leads to Learning About Yourself: I’m reflecting on this subject after having recently had the privilege of traveling overseas to the UK for a business trip.  This was actually my third time traveling to England … [Read more...]

Are You Walking a Money Nightmare? Financial Tips for Getting Back on Track

financial tips

Do your money troubles keep you up at night? If Suze Orman were to take a peek into your financial life would she be likely to slap you silly? Are you fully aware you are a mess, and know things need to change, and fast?Well, if you are at that point, congratulations, because you are now way ahead of most people in your situation. The cloud of denial has lifted, and you are ready to take control. Here are just a few financial tips and helpful hints to get on the path to a financial health.  Take Stock of the Situation: Sure, you know you have money problems, but you probably yet to sit down and really assess the situation. Before you can begin to truly fix things, you need to get a clear picture of what you are working … [Read more...]

Niche Website Update 18 – Reaching Out to Other Bloggers and Changing Focus


Welcome everyone to another monthly update of what’s going on with my niche website developments.In case you’re new here, I started building niche sites about a year and a half ago in an attempt to make more money from blogging and greatly accelerate my path to financial freedom.   If you’re a blogger or even just a regular person looking to add on to their regular monthly income, then you’re going to want to check this series out.All I can say about May was that it was a pretty eventful month in terms of up’s and down’s for my niche sites.  Here’s a look at how things have gone over the past few weeks:  What in the World Happened to the Rank of NS4? Oh no!  About a week after I published my last Niche Website Update … [Read more...]