A Sample Financial Plan – How Should You Budget Your Money?

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It’s occurred to me on several occasions that not everyone reads money magazines or CNN Money as much as I do.  For some people knowing where to start is practically half the battle when it comes to getting a grip on your finances.What they need or would love to see is a sample financial plan that just gives them the hard numbers!  They need something that could use as an example for how you should be saving and spending your money.  That’s exactly what I wanted to do in this post.For one second, let’s put aside the whole, touchy-feely, fluffy notion that every plan is unique.  It is (don’t get me wrong)!  But there are some general figures that you could go by that may not be so bad.If anything, consider them a good starting … [Read more...]

Managing Financial Difficulties after a Job Loss


It doesn't matter who you are or what you do, financial hardship can hit anyone. And given the present economic condition in the world, losing your job is always a possibility.As someone who's lived through a layoff; I understand first-hand the fear and frustration of being out of the workforce. You give everything you have to an employer, and they give you the boot.There are several ways to handle this. You can get upset and live your days in misery, or you can wipe the dust off your feet and move on to bigger and better opportunities.However, as you look for something better, reality might set in. A regular job means a regular paycheck, thus a way to cover all your monthly expenditures. If you lose a job, there’s a chance that … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to How to Have a Tax Free Retirement

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How incredible would it be to have a completely tax free retirement?I’m serious.  You would owe no taxes.No, you won’t have to live in poverty.  In fact if you’ve got enough savings you could withdraw over $100,000 and still not owe the government any money.Is that even possible?  Of course it is.  Lots of wealthy Americans take advantage of tax loop holes every day to pay a lower tax rate than their peers.  There’s even a famous statement from Warren Buffett where he says that he is paying a lower tax rate than his secretary.Fortunately for you, we’re going to do a little better than that in this post.  We’re going to see if we can’t find a way to pay NO taxes at all!All we’ll need is to be creative with how we plan to … [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Brokers When You Try to Sell Your Annuities

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Somethings your investments just don't work out like you planned, and you might decide it's time to sell your annuities.  But selling a structured settlement can be a tough task, especially because of the mandatory court approval requirements, and the involvement of other stakeholders such as claim adjusters, attorneys, and of course, buyers. In addition to all this, you also have to decide whether you want to opt for the services of a broker.So how do you know if using a broker is the right decision?  Pros of having a broker help you out to sell your annuities: Accurate representation of technical information about your settlements so that there are no last minute shockers – There is a lot about your structured … [Read more...]

How Do You Really Want to Make Money With a Blog?


Why do you write for your blog?You might say that you’re doing it all for fun.  You might say that you just like to write or that you’re helping people.  But you can be honest … you were probably hoping to make money with a blog, right?Perhaps you were only hoping for a few bucks.  Perhaps you were hoping for a whole LOT more (like how Pat Flynn made over $58,000 last month)!But no matter what your goal is (or will be), I think we can all agree that we were hoping to at least make some amount of money with our blogs.And so how will we do that?  By writing awesome stuff and earning more traffic of course!Or is it? ….  Do You Want to Just Blog or Make Money With a Blog? So you write amazing posts …So your … [Read more...]

Green Living: Open a Savings Account for Eco-Friendly Products

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If you're interested in green living and leaving a reduced carbon footprint, you may be considering upgrading to eco-friendly products and appliances.Eco-friendly products are designed to use less energy during operation, which is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet when your energy bill arrives. However, many eco-friendly ideas have a higher price tag for implementation. Learn about some of the more affordable ways to go green as well as those updates you'll need to save up for. Then open a savings account to set aside the funds you need to meet your goal of green living.  Affordable eco-friendly ideas for green living: While you may be interested in saving the environment, it's also important to … [Read more...]

Using a Pro for Your Blog or Side Business Taxes Can Be a Great Investment

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This year I paid around $300 to have my income taxes prepared professionally.Usually I pay around $20 to file them online all by myself.Do you think I’m going to regret paying an extra $280 more?  Maybe … if I was penny wise but pound foolish.If you’re a blogger who earns an income, a freelancer, or make any kind of money on the side, then you should listen up and think about if you’re really qualified to handle your own side business taxes.As it turns out – that could be an assumption that costs you thousands down the road.  Handling My Own Blog Side Business Taxes: I’ll be honest – I’ve never really felt too good about preparing my own “business income” taxes.The personal / individual taxes don’t really … [Read more...]