Stupid Car Repairs

Car RepairsTalk about kicking a guy while he’s down …  Not only was it another stressful week with work, but we also got hit in the wallet with one of the worst kind of expenses: Car repairs.  I’m not talking like you took the car in and they want $500.  Try 4 digits!  I’ll have a post to follow telling the whole story.  I hate you car …


Blog News:

We made it far, but our time in the Free Money Finance contest is over.  I lost Round 4 to my buddy John over at Frugal Rules.  He had an awesome post, so I’m glad to see him win and I hope he goes all the way to Round 6!


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    • MMD says

      I did notice that. Thanks Lance! But I don’t think I stood a chance against John’s personal story. We’ll have to see how it goes next year.

  1. says

    Thanks for including my post!

    Cars are the worst, man! My friend was just talking about wanting to buy a car (she is car-free) this week and I was like “Cars are expensive and a pain in the butt! If you don’t have to, don’t do it!!!”

    • MMD says

      You’re welcome. If I lived somewhere where I didn’t need a car, I wouldn’t get one. They are just a giant hole in your pocket.

    • MMD says

      You’re welcome for the inclusion.

      I just wrapped up writing the post and it will go live on Monday.

      Ahhh, new tires! I’ll also be looking at +$1,000 for new tires as well in the next few months. Darn you over-sized SUV tires!

    • MMD says

      You said it! Whenever I’m about to start a big project or take on some big new debt, you can always count on something in the car to stop working the way it should. Murphy’s law …

    • MMD says

      $3K !!!! My father in law got a “going to work” car for $3K! Oh well. When you’re broken down on the side of the freeway, you do what you need to.

    • MMD says

      You mean the Detroit People Mover doesn’t take you everywhere you want to go? :)

      Thanks, and even though I hope to not have too many more 4 digit repairs, I have a feeling that this won’t be the last.


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