What To Do With Extra Money In Your Budget – 3 Good Choices


At the beginning of every new year, one of the first things I do with our finances is to take a hard look at our budget and see where we can get the most bang for our buck. At first this usually involves doing the normal thing that most people do - taking a look at our bills and seeing where we can shave some expenses.  But there’s something else I like to do with the extra money in our budget that I feel is just as important as cutting corners on expenses.  I like to take a look at where we can best grow it! There are lots of good options for what to do with extra money if you’ve got … [Read more...]

5 Common Financial Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of

5 Common Financial Mistakes

It's not always easy to make all the right moves when it comes to money. In fact, as a society, we're pretty bad at managing our money.  CNN Money recently stated that over 25 million middle class families are living paycheck to paycheck. That's horrible!  So much for saving for a house, rainy day, or even retirement. The good news: It doesn't have to be this way.  Most common financial mistakes are pretty easy to identify and correct.  Here's five of them that you can take care of right away.   1. Late Payment of Bills: Paying a bill only a few days late can show up on … [Read more...]

Going Back to School on a Budget as an Adult


Going back to school isn't just for the little ones.  It can be a time for grown-ups to get anxiety too.  And not just over the work they'll have to do. If you've noticed the job market is saturated with candidates that have bachelor's degrees, you've possibly considered getting a graduate degree to give yourself an edge. But balancing family expenses is hard enough without adding tuition and books.  Plus don't forget all those hours invested in working on projects and studying. You might even convince yourself that paying for a graduate degree and keeping your family afloat is nearly … [Read more...]

Are You Walking a Money Nightmare? Financial Tips for Getting Back on Track

financial tips

Do your money troubles keep you up at night? If Suze Orman were to take a peek into your financial life would she be likely to slap you silly? Are you fully aware you are a mess, and know things need to change, and fast? Well, if you are at that point, congratulations, because you are now way ahead of most people in your situation. The cloud of denial has lifted, and you are ready to take control. Here are just a few financial tips and helpful hints to get on the path to a financial health.   Take Stock of the Situation: Sure, you know you have money problems, but you probably yet … [Read more...]

14 Easy Ways How to Cut Power Bill Expenses During the Winter

Winter house

The winter-time can be a very challenging time for most people. It’s cold.  It’s dark.  And it’s hard to travel. Unfortunately all of those things can make people want to stay indoors during that time.  And that can lead to a big increase in your energy bill. All of the sudden you’re dealing with drafty windows, more hot water treatment, and a whole more electricity usage than you ever would have during the Summer-time. Luckily there are lots of effective ways how to cut power bill costs that are easy to do.  All it just takes a little bit of planning and a few basic things to … [Read more...]

A Sample Financial Plan – How Should You Budget Your Money?

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It’s occurred to me on several occasions that not everyone reads money magazines or CNN Money as much as I do.  For some people knowing where to start is practically half the battle when it comes to getting a grip on your finances. What they need or would love to see is a sample financial plan that just gives them the hard numbers!  They need something that could use as an example for how you should be saving and spending your money.  That’s exactly what I wanted to do in this post. For one second, let’s put aside the whole, touchy-feely, fluffy notion that every plan is unique.  It is … [Read more...]

Miles Credit Card Offers: Now Reap the Rewards When You Fly!


If you travel frequently for business or pleasure, consider taking advantage of the several miles credit card offers that are out there for the taking.  Airlines, in partnership with a bank, offer these cards so that customers can earn rewards points as they make purchases with the card. These reward points can be spent on airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals and more. Do airline miles credit card offers sound interesting to you? Here are some that may be a good match for the lifestyle you lead. They all offer reasonable APRs and annual fees while giving you the perks that make … [Read more...]

Tips for Getting by Without Borrowing Money

Walking On The Red Arrow Street

The following contribution is from a reader of My Money Design.  If you’d like to write for us, please feel free to contact me. Borrowing money is usually one of those things that sounds great at first, until the bills start coming in. If you take a look at just how much money you have to repay for the amount you borrowed, you will realise how much money you may have wasted on interest. If you would have planned ahead before borrowing money, you would now have more cash available to purchase other things you want. The problem is that debt often turns into a never-ending cycle of … [Read more...]